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Section 8

Section 8
Game description:

Of war-torn planets of tomorrow, the biggest battle of mankind is about to begin. With its frontier colonies devastated by a growing insurrection, Earth dispatches the elite 8 armored car Infantry (nicknamed "Section 8") to repel the assault next. The nickname refers to an old military regulations of the United States, where a soldier could be dismissed from the service through mentally unfit for duty. The near-Suicide missions this division volunteers for brands them as insane by other military units. Section 8 distributes burning in from their orbital drop ships tens of thousands of feet above the battlefield, which uses the most advanced arsenal of military hardware known to man. Their mission: to scout and secure difficult objectives and smash enemy defenses in lightning-quick assaults. An intense first person shooter, Section 8 allows players to dynamically alter the flow of combat as they see fit. Employing tactical assets and on demand vehicle deliveries, players are given unprecedented strategic control over epic sci-fi battle.

Exclusive Review:

Introduction: first person shooter have found many fans of this genre and the number of games with different stories, backgrounds and other factors is now what really matters when it comes to providing games that count. Nowadays the gaming market there are a couple of favorites that count as being evergreen in the game world, then it is founded. The discourse on gender can go in many discussions, but what is interesting for us is the attempt to manufacture the game incorporated several features of different games to create a new way of gameplay. Gameplay: Section 8 has used many of those features, but the opening scene is quite unique in itself. After the intro of the game you are greeted with a main menu screen where you will notice that the game focuses on multiplayer modes, using it as a major factor in promoting the game.

What was most interesting to me was the story mode as well as if I played games like this that interested me the game has to offer. This is when the only opening that screen pops out, as they are launched from a space craft in a special suit that greatly enhances his physical abilities and gives you some additional features. Since I played in my first medium difficulty, and what was a sort of relief, but at the same time the disappointment is the fact that you can not die ... Ben can not die, as you have your health and shield, but if you are killed then you are raised from the ship again. I do not know how it is the same for too long, but you just continue and battle re-engage as your companions are still fighting. Some of the skills that are included in the suite are the overdrive run that lasts for about 10-15 seconds and the ability to jump high using jetpacks.

The game is played and menzionatoper be in first person, but during the overdrive, the camera is changed to a third person for a better control over your character. Another possibility that will be equipped during the second mission is the repair tool to recover health during combat. As for the weapons used in combat, you will be able to carry two of them at the same time. The first mission begins with a mid-range machine gun and rocket launcher. Each weapon has its own weaknesses and their strengths. For example, the machine gun is perfect the way fighting against infantry, rocket launchers and targets are screened for heavy vehicles such as armor and turrets. If you are not satisfied with the equipment and weapons at your disposal during the mission checkpoints, you can switch your gear and change the characteristic of armor in various aspects with the help of a ship, which are cured if your health was not powered by a teammate or yourself.

The objectives of games change from mission to mission, and any player caught by the game to stop for a minute and set your weapons and armor attributes for maximum effect during the battle. The first mission is about hacking a complex and making it work for you instead of the enemy. The rest is pure destruction of the towers and other stations. At the end of the level you will face a suit that is more than you, especially in close combat so try to avoid any real commitment to superior suits your skills to maneuver. The multiplayer mode is a class by itself, especially if they are teaming up against other human-driven team. Those checkpoints, turrets and vehicles that you unlock later become a big improvement or big obstacle for you to play, because of their advantages and defects. If youre playing alone orwith 31 of your closest friends, there are six and seven guns gadgets to choose from to create chaos on the battlefield that will not leave flat for the case of the heart.

Graphics and sound: Regarding the graphic audio, great detail, the effects are not far behind, but the fact is pretty much already seen in other similar games before. The attractive character suits that leave pleasant impression not even be noticed by players who have played games like Halo ... maps of the game are excellent from the point of mine at the battle of wide range in multiplayer mode complete with teams, but in story mode can obtain wide at times. This large space in case of players to play can be easily circumvented as to involve the entire group of players controlled dallAI, which certainly will deliver a worthy challenge for any player and gives you a game that you will not regret playing.

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Ballville The Beginning

Ballville - The Beginning
Game description:

A spaceship full of traveling Orb falls down on a planet unknown and unexplored. With good fortune, however, the crew offers a picturesque world filled with lush jungles, clear streams, snow-capped mountains and mysterious ancient deserts. This wonderful place will become their new home, but hard work is ahead because the entire crew was scattered around the planet, and the first order of business is to find them. Join Captain Orb on a search of his comrades and bring them together to build their new planet. Play over 100 exciting levels to earn money, build buildings and to identify other orbs with special powers. When you have found you can use their unique abilities to melt the ice, clear tough obstacles and much more. With more ways to clear the tables, additional levels of hidden objects and a detailed interactive Orbopedia, this daring voyage of discovery of a spectacular world will thrill you with surprises!
Exclusive Review:

Match 3 games are still there and quite frankly we are everywhere in all shapes and types, and ultimately hard to find some games of this genre that can surpass its predecessors, thanks to its complicated structure of the nucleus which is immutable, but only configurable with extras and accessories throughout the game. This has made a lot of match 3 games playable at their very beginnings primarily as developers began involving some special features in combination with different themes and stories to keep those games as a unique or special, as can be. Unfortunately we can already see a lot of repeat play 3 matches through other match 3 game is a complete duplicate, with some minor changes or a single idea but lack in implementation. Because of these shows hurt or semi-good many casual games players are returning to old classics and of course those who were among the first in their time, hoping that a new game matching the top 3 will appear and offer something new and different from other. Ballville - the beginning is entered that category for sure because of his rather unique approach to the match 3 gameplay.

Its nothing new when you think globally, but it has not seen something like this, but we will definitely see more from now onwards. The game begins with a story (and can not start any differently, except that it did not have one) that follows a ball, or orb, which simply goes by the name of "Captain" and this captain was sent in space on a mission, but everything went to hell, as the ship enters a field of Meteora which causes damage to the ship captain on the ground and makes the closest planet to make repairs. However, the landing did not go to the captain has taught sarebbecausando problems from the start, making it to adapt to the situation, like the passengers who came with him are missing somewhere on the planet and repair is not possible. So the game starts over and locate your friends have to make sure you and your friends and survive Therefor build their city on this planet apparently deserted. Gameplay is based on the level, with each layer containing an edge of puzzle shaped new or at least different from the level of before.

The core gameplay is as previously said very clearly known and unchangeable because this is the essence of match 3 games. It is necessary to match 3 in order to delete two different obstacles that appear in several different grids and those derived in a form of grids that can be erased with orange match 3 above them the crates which can be erased with correspond to three from any side. There will be two different factors that affect the duration of the levels that take place in the match 3 and those are perceptions (the perception you as an individual) and knowledge (the same applies here). The power of perception is by identifying and using the best combination of match 3 that may be more useful for you it is logical that when it comes to match 3 games, but knowledge is the second part of the game and what makes the game so different from others. The things Im talking about are the different spheres meet and unlock during the game.

The balls are the thing that made this game and their diversity and accessory is very interesting. All spheres have their strengths and their weaknesses and what they represent, it is good to find out how you use them to your advantage. Here are just some of the spheres: Tip orbs show another match liq screen; DJ orbs sing and break blocks on the grid, wooden beads that can clear any block on the screen; Orbs can power certain electrical devices; Engineer orbs will dig their way at the bottom of the playing field, taking all the pieces of orange or cash with them, and so forth ... There are over twenty different orbs to find and unlock through the game is a catch ... In the beginner levels that the spheres are limited as there are many of them unlocked, but later on when you unlock them if you use the same orbs over and over again in a couple of levels will drain you empty and will be forced to use other spheres.

This gave the game will use a comprehensive strategic angle to let you adapt to the game and think in advance what orbs are and who will leave to recharge as although most of them will help some of you can make gameplay a living hell if you do not look at what re doing. This all starts happening when you have more than five different spheres and then start using them by choice but to release these orbs you need to build and develop your city, as with any new structure unlock unlocked so a new orb. Depending on what you expect from this game you have to choose between timed and relaxed mode. The difference is (over time) in programmed mode that earns you cash back and this can substantially help as you need money to release those funds between levels. The feature of the game are not difficult but more on a strategic game is obvious, as if you can burn the strategy of using these orbs, then you will not have any problems getting the game but in a Yippy. The game is good and demos for all those who do not believe, but can not taste tuttolà ...

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Avenue Flo TM Special Delivery

Avenue Flo(TM) - Special Delivery
Game description:

The family is growing DinerTown as Tony and Vicky are expecting. To celebrate this joyous occasion, Mr. Big has commissioned Quinn to throw the biggest bash ever baby. Luckily however, disaster strikes when puppies attack the position of the shower and Vicky goes missing. Now, Flo is turned off once again to save the day. Help Flo and run throughout the city, collecting all the necessary elements to make the baby shower extravaganza go off without a hitch in this fun-loving adventure. DinerTown enlist the help of citizens to locate the missing items, solve puzzles and complete fun activities. With two game modes, beautiful trophies and lots of laughs, this bizarre adventure is really special.

Exclusive Review:

Every fan of the Diner Dash series and other similar games, in which Flo and Quinn are the lead characters have shown that these games mean a lot of problems, especially for players who are going to play, as you can never predict what the the next menu for you to chew through. Flo is prepared for almost any type of emergency, but this is something that she can manage alone, he needs your help desperately ... He is planning a great baby shower, and by some coincidence "crazy" everyone in town I came to the party. However, not so far from where the party was organized on the spot, another party was taking place and this had a little more smelling things involved. A huge part dog has a little out of control, releasing an escape for the decorations and already set up perfectly preset schedule. Quinn was responsible for everything and anything that goes wrong will damage his reputation, and we can not let that happen. So take the matter into their own hands Flo, as always with the highest level of experience and begins the seemingly impossible and that is re-organizing the baby shower again.

However, like many of you know that above all we are accustomed to seeing them in action in time-management games, but here the circumstances are totally different as we are dealing with the combination of HOG and adventure game point & click. This mix has been fairly popular and has shown some very good results as a combination. As she starts cleaning up the mess, a small problem has appeared throughout the early planning Flo begins to Improvise ... The woman, for which means the baby shower is missing and Vicky (her mother is missing) has absolutely nothing to find. Flo is now an option, if you want to get this baby shower going you will need help from everyone, dala city, but first they will need to do something to Flo. The schedule is tight, however, but with no option left she starts finding items, solving puzzles, talking to different characters and that is making the most of these things with the mouse, clicking and directing her where she must go.

Youll be even play some mini games where you can order books, arrange the pies and digging through the bag messy, messy, not to mention word games, games, memory games and more correspondence. The way that the mini games are implemented in the game, was so ably taught by the developers constantly mixing their planning always leaving fingers to keep you wondering what comes next. But not every mini-game is perfect and even a huge percentage of mini-games goes into good ones, a small one will probably frustrate players as everyone has their own taste. Wait for a small time period, click the skip button and the problem is resolved, or if you are lucky a suggestion may be available for use and solve the game without skipping.

The game was adapted for the most players on the market with its two game modes with those who want to be challenged and those who want to relax a bit during playback. When it comes to looking for hidden items in the game, if youre worried about not a big fan of the genre, the complexity of the search items has been put to a minimum. The real challenge is in the point-and-click adventures and the many puzzles that appear through the game. There will be combinations of different elements to fulfill the tasks to other people or for you and your personal goals. A lot of players who have come back to the game does not recognize the characters in the game, but those of the past hannogoduto series of Dinner Dash surely recognize at least some of the characters in the game. The graphics are something that I personally loved it. The background of the game is based on the cartoon style of comics with a few details, but all done on a very high level of detail. The sound is nothing less than good, then the art as the voice acting is still the same (have not changed the main characters) and as for the background music though very familiar, is not the same as giving some seriously Remix are implemented play some sound really good. All in all a game worthy of attention, not only because of such change, but the change of rhythm games giving a new level of depth. Enjoy ...

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Wallpaper Trafalgar Law In Anime One Piece 7

Wallpaper Trafalgar Law In Anime One Piece #7
Wallpaper Trafalgar Law In Anime One Piece
Wallpaper Trafalgar Law In Anime One Piece #7 Wallpaper Trafalgar Law In Anime One Piece #7
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Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection

Dragon Ball Z Budokai HD Collection
It has been almost thirty years since the first publication of Dragon Ball, the masterpiece of Akira Toriyama, who really needs no introduction. A manga that is still among the best sellers of all time, and an animated series broadcast in fifteen countries. An unprecedented success that has taken huge amounts of money even in the sale of a franchise related to the series, such as cards, clothing lines, action figures and, of course, video games, since the days of the NES. Now Bandai tries to get easy money proposing two PS2 titles in a collection of great success, remastered in HD: Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Budokai 3.

Timeless Classics

At first glance, the package offered by Namco Bandai might seem a bit thin. From the first game in the Budokai series takes you directly to the third, skipping the second at the bottom even. Bandai stated that he had made ​​this decision because the second installment of the series was too different than the other two, but this choice is likely to leave many fans disappointed: in addition, one wonders if a "collection" consists of only two games is worthy to bear that name. The disappointment, however, is partially offset, because it is, it should be said at once, two titles still very good and enjoyable, even if the player who approaches you for the first time must take account of their age (particularly the first Budokai was exactly ten years ago).

Starting from the combat system, both titles share a semi-dimensional nature: that is to say that you can move only laterally, to the right and to the left of the opponent, and in any case the camera always situate the characters in profile, as in Tekken or Soul Calibur, there is a button to take off, but you can rise in the air by performing certain moves. Plugs and energy blasts (like the famous Kamehameha) are carried out using the classic combinations, more or less elaborate key. Obviously master the most difficult and spectacular take a long workout, and then succeed will certainly a great satisfaction. Also of note was the presence in both games of quick time events during combat, and also some mini-games, which help to vary the experience.

The interactivity of the game-is partial and travels through thick and thin: the player may happen to launch a Genkidama or Final Flash that will destroy the entire arena, in a really beautiful to see. Or, you may note, with bitterness, the existence of "invisible walls", corresponding to the boundaries of the playing area, against which your opponent could even bounce. The younger players may remain displaced, unable to find here the complete freedom of action of the most recent series Budokai Tenkaichi: You can freely destroy any element of the scenario, and you have only limited freedom of movement. Both titles have therefore the playability of a classic fighting game, where familiar with the controls and know how to fight back is essential to win. It is these factors can be strengths: many still appreciate the more technical nature of the Budokai games in the series, considering the recent Dragon Ball games are too simple or too dispersed.

No multiplayer? Ahiahi ...

Just for fans of the series get to this point the sorrowful note: although many of us hoped, Bandai did not include any online multiplayer mode. A real shame and a missed opportunity, given that, read on the internet, many old fan pointed right on the presence of this mode to decide whether to purchase the game, and could not wait to launch into battles with opponents all over the world. The presence of online would also be allowed to "rejuvenate" the two titles, giving them new palatability even for fans of Dragon Ball younger. Bandai is confined to only do a "copy and paste" of two highly successful titles of the past, without adding anything, except for the trophies.

As for the rest of the modes the two titles are virtually identical, with the story mode, tournament, training, shop skills and duel. Here, too, points out the lack of Budokai 2, which was quite different from the other two titles, and would therefore have added more variety to the collection.

In this context, the technical sector remains the main factor being the only one on which developers have bet: both games make use of the engine Cell Shading.
Sorry to say that the first Budokai feels really his age: the faces and locations appear poor in details, and paradoxically, the HD has the effect of highlighting this poverty. Another aspect to the long annoying is the presence of small voids edges to the sides of the screen. Even the animations appear woody and a bit too simple.

The gameplay is fun and enjoyable, but too basic and also the story mode is short, giving the game a natural fiber longevity. Turning to Budokai 3, the situation changes completely: the graphics already very good at the time to the game, yet improved, making Budokai 3 almost to the level of the most recent titles about Dragon Ball. The story mode, here called "Dragon Universe" has become a free roaming, and go from one battle to the high flying world of the game is always beautiful and spectacular, a real thrill for fans of the series and you can also choose between different characters, and depending on your choice to deal with the story will be different.

The fights are more varied and dynamic thanks to dodge faster and more complex animations and compelling. A large amount of extra unlockable characters and completes the picture, providing a really good longevity. In short Budokai 3 is still an excellent title that can amuse and fascinate for many hours, both single and in the company of a friend to challenge.
Under the aspect of sound both games are on a good level, thanks to a good dubbing and music really engaging. Less successful sound effects, which are often too similar to each other.

Games promoted collection rejected

In conclusion, if the two titles are still very good, particularly Budokai 3, the collection rather perplexing and not worth enough, which is why the final vote is only fair; developers have struggled a little, and if they also included Budokai 2, and maybe the multiplayer mode, the vote would certainly have been higher and the collection more palatable. Hardly fans let themselves be groped by two older titles sold at full price just because they offer a graphics a bit better, not to mention that the old PS2 versions you can find on the market a few euro, on the other hand, this collection could be a opportunity for young people to try out titles that do not have complex conosciuto.Nel Dragon Ball Budokai HD Collection proves little, however, a commercial success.

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2009

PES 2009 is undoubtedly better than last years disappointing effort. And yet its got a lower review score. But how can that be? It plays at a more considered pace and, finally, online play actually works with no teleporting, hardly any lag and an impressively speedy quick match option (with two versus two support, no less).

Have we lost our minds? No. Of course we havent. The reason why PES 2009 is being given a harsher time of it this year is because these things arent big changes. FIFA 09 is the better game, not only from a graphical point of view, but from a basic gameplay point of view, and EA has tried to tailor the PC version to the hardware. Playing PES 2009 after a FIFA 09 session makes you realise that, actually, theres not much about Konamis game that couldnt be achieved on the PS2 and almost no effort has been made to build a game suited to the PC.

Player animation is rotten. Players run about with their arms pumping back and forth as if theyre robot men. The eight way movement is as wooden as ever. The passing and shooting animations are archaic. The commentary is delivered with as much quality as an episode of Hollyoaks. The soundtrack has been cribbed from a wedding DJs vinyl collection. The player faces look silly. A magical barrier surrounds the throw-in taker. Keepers take forever to distribute the ball. Having speedy wingers cross the ball in for headed or volleyed goals is an overpowered strategy. Month old transfers have been ignored. Half the teams have made up names and games often descend into hilarious
pinball battles as the ball whizzes about as if a cats plaything (one goal we scored against a friend - where a shot slowly rebounded off the post, onto the keepers shoulder and into the net, had us crying tears of laughter).None of these criticisms will surprise PES fans. This is the way PES has played for a good few years now, and this is the way it plays once again. Weve forgiven PES these deficiencies in the past because, well, FIFA was no alternative. But now it is. In fact its better. Its impossible to ignore. PES doesnt play a real game of football any more, as it once proudly proclaimed from the terraces. It plays something else, something different.

Admittedly there are some areas where Konami is clearly trying. The Be A Legend mode is at first glance a complete rip off of FIFAs Be A Pro mode, but those in the know will be aware that its actually the Western implementation of Winning Elevens Fantasista mode, a feature thats been running for longer than FIFAs alternative. Here, you create a 17-year-old player (you can scan in your face via Web Cam if you fancy it) and bid to become captain of your country. You start out, however, playing for the wonderfully named Babilayna CF versus Athletic Club Salsabie, but youre being watched by a number of scouts from top clubs. After the game youre offered a contract at a top club (no matter how bad your performance youre picked up). We were offered terms with three clubs, but Man City (sans Robinho of course, this is PES after all) seemed like the best bet. From there, you need to impress during training matches to make the bench, and then make an impression when brought on as a substitute. Its an interesting mode to mess about with, and we have to admit that its something that we can see a lot of players pumping many hours into, especially if theyre bored of the now tired Master League, which once again makes an appearance without any significant changes. That you can take your created Legend online is an added bonus. But, ultimately, we cant see the mode replacing the traditional one on one PES match.The addition of the Champions League license sounds a lot better than it actually is. Youd think that Konamis securing of the best club competition in world football would mean PES 2009 would have the official license for all of this years participating teams, but it doesnt. Only a select number of clubs are officially licensed, once again. Disappointingly Liverpool FC and Manchester United FC are the only officially licensed Premier League teams on offer. The illusion that youre playing a real Champions League game is shattered somewhat when Manchester United are going up against London FC. Yes theres now a full edit mode, which means that those of you with the time and inclination can right all those transfer wrongs (of which there are many - Shevchenko is still at Chelsea and Berbatov is still at Spurs, for example), and correct all the club names, but really its a pain in the arse we shouldnt have to suffer. The saving grace for the PC version is the ease at which players will be able to download unofficial team and player conversion mods transforming non-licensed teams into something closely resembling the real thing.

And yet, despite all of the problems, theres still fun to be had from PES 2009. Its incredibly hard to nail down exactly why this is, but its there nonetheless. Perhaps its due to the fact that the pace of the game has been slowed ever so slightly, and that keepers are actually a lot better than in previous versions. Whatever the reason, a screamer from 25 yards is as magic as it always was. Itll still get you up off your seat and screaming your heart out. This just about saves the game from filling our hearts with bitter disappointment. That and the fact that online play actually works, which is absolutely great. PES might be feature light in comparison to FIFAs packed offering, but it still offers a fun game of virtual football. And, inevitably, some people will always prefer PES gameplay, which is fair enough.

Still, we cant help but feel that theres going to be thousands of PES fans who embrace the power of the dark side this year, on account of the fact that it simply doesnt feel like Konami is putting much effort into the so-called next-gen versions of PES these days - and that includes PC. You might even say the PS2 is the lead platform, when you compare the strides forward between Konami and EAs efforts. PES 2009 is a good game, but the times they are changin, and were afraid that Konami is being left behind. Time for a reboot, Seabass.The Minimum system requirements:
- Windows XP SP2, Vista
- Intel Pentium 4 1.4 GHz
- 1 GiByte RAM
- 6 GB an empty seat on a disk
- GeForce FX or Radeon 9700th Pixel / Vertex Shader 2.0 and 128 MiByte VRAM.
- 800 x 600 expansion of the display

Recommended system requirements:
- Windows XP SP2, Vista
- Intel Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
- 2 GiByte RAM
- 8 GB hard disk
- GeForce 6800 GT / GS, Radeon X1600 or higher. Pixel / Vertex Shader 3.0 and 256 MiByte VRAM
- 1, 280 x 720 expansion of the display

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Brook One Piece wanted Anime wallpaper

Brook One Piece wanted Anime wallpaper
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The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim

Fifth member of the saga in which Bethesda Softworks has revolutionized the action-RPG core fantasy, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim arrives on store shelves with the absolute obligation to repeat the extraordinary success achieved by his predecessor Oblivion and satisfy, same time, the extremely high expectations about fed by fans of the franchise. To take a company to which many have attributed the extreme connotations, the developers note majors have worked hard for over five years, outlining the contours of a universe so prodigal of opportunity to provide approximately 350 hours of play, of which at least 30 reserved for the sole completion of the Main Quest.

The events underlying this new epic set in the continent of Tamriel take shape about 200 years apart from those related in Oblivion, and have as background the cold lands of Skyrim. Plagued by civil war succeeded the assassination of its king, the region is preparing to face an insurmountable threat: Alduin, the dragon god is indeed about to unleash on it all his anger and thus give off the destructive march for conquest of all the free land. While the people of pins all his hopes in an ancient prophecy that indicates the rise of a half-blood prince the only chance of salvation, a young drifter escapes from prison where he was locked up, putting their own fortunes and those of the world surrounding it in your hands. From here the beginning of a heroic epic of a thousand aspects, the development of which will depend on the decisions you make as they make the events run their course.

Before venturing along the lands of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you will be called in any case from scratch to create your alter ego. Set out details such as race and aesthetic character of the same, you can enjoy the distribution of points reserved for the 18 available intellectual and physical parameters, which will be touched up on time every time you get a new experience level. So, will the turn of the characterization of the same biographical, which will not end the choice of specialization class. In the successful attempt to streamline the baggage statistics of the game, the authors have in fact opted for the elimination of this specification: once embarked on your journey, you can enjoy on so much by the sword of the enchantment, allowing the consolidation of your professional status occurs more in relation to the attitude shown playing, which according to earlier resolutions.

As a further consequence of this policy, user friendly, the cumbersome menu pages seen in Oblivion was replaced with a more intuitive interface in game, which will have the merit of the entire management process of the character immediately. Before the regolisti begin to turn up their nose, it must be stressed that none of the changes mentioned above reflect the will of impoverishing the massive structure ruolistica that were used. Although smoother, Skyrim will remain so as complete as Oblivion.

The consequences of this conceptual philosophy to go in case of interest to the gaming experience more real, making it less distracting than that addressed in the previous chapter in the saga. In this regard, we noted a tendency of the side quest to meet in the main story: Rather than appear as a case unrelated to the latter, they are more like branches of the same, which undoubtedly contributes to homogenize the continuity of the storyline. Fortunately, this solution is not hard to affect the freedom of action granted.

In addition to being masters of wandering at will along the 41 square kilometers of map available, and freely explore each of the 150 dungeons scattered on it, so you can independently evaluate your intervention strategies, as well as embrace the cause of the many factions involved in the conflict. Just know that an alliance with the noble Imperial Legion, rather than with the tenacious Rebels Skyrim or the ever-green Dark Brotherhood, matures its effects on the evolution of the campaign, most likely taking you to different endings.

If in conceptual terms The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has several new features, in terms of gameplay, are being proposed again many of the solutions explored in the past. After meticulous refinement, then return the famous sequences dialogali with the locals and their accompanying rhetorical exercises, which will add the ability to change weapons and artifacts at your disposal. There will, nevertheless, room for a robust section dedicated to the bargained, which will pave the way to be fruitful exchanges, acquisitions of properties and mounts. Just as they did in Oblivion, the latter will prove crucial to cover greater distances without incurring an excessive number of random encounters. At the same time, users can still jump over lazy sessions of travel, as long as you have discovered the destination fixed in a previous patrol.

Also in analogy with its most recent precursors, Skyrim also offers the opportunity to address the entire adventure benefiting from two different settings of perspective. Although the third-person view to ensure a more evocative spectacle, however, with the classic frame-person gameplay that best expresses its full potential. In addition to ensuring greater accuracy in the use of weapons or spells of execution, this solution also promotes a more strategic approach to the skirmish, allowing you to assess more accurately the intensity of the thrust and the distance with his adversaries.

Adopting this view, it also allows you to admire aspects of the landscape that are difficult to understand, first of all the amazing details of texture combined with its weapons, architectural and natural elements. The same attention to detail was of course also be given to the characterization of their enemies, be they humanoid or beast from the bizarre anatomy. From this point of view, no doubt stand up routines combined with animation to their models, benefiting from the quota intake of a physics engine with high performance, are consistent so as to provide a visual impact of proven efficiency.

The same NPC which need to converse during the adventure are now more alert and finally free from the typical stiff mannequin that in the past, had damaged its credibility. More generally, however, is the whole of Skyrim to beat its own life: wandering the frozen wastes surrounding human settlements and roads that characterize the latter, it is virtually impossible not to be impressed by the amount of events that occur in the background. Observe the wildlife that sweeps along the area undisturbed, the wayfarers climbing up steep mountain paths or even the outlines of massive dragons sail the skies, ensures the establishment of a deep emotional bond between player and environment, which results in a involvement that, recently, we experienced only in titles like Red Dead Redemption and Assassins Creed.

To further emphasize the excellence of the work done by the authors in order to create an atmosphere so intense, takes over at this point the strong variability of weather conditions, which echoes the alternation of day and night. Translated on screen very realistic particle effects, lighting as well as games of rare beauty, these items will end up with it regularly kidnap your imagination, often pushing yourself to large breaks from the action just for the pleasure of admiring the horizon.

It is also undeniable that without the support of a sound department of adequate caliber, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would have lost a significant portion of its charm. Also in this case, the work of Bethesda is revealed, however impeccable, mixing refined melodies ancestral to a dubbing Anglophone of absolute level. We Italians, we can also benefit from an ungrammatical translation on screen much less than that seen in Oblivion, which can only be pulling a big sigh of relief to all those who feared a new lexical debacle.

Clearly, the development of a game world as complex, will also cause a downside, which will consist of some smearing techniques. Although events such as bugs, tearing, occasional delays in loading of textures and any drop in framerate will not be long in coming, however, be emphasized that none of them will never have the power to affect the performance guaranteed by the engine of the game.

On balance, the only real regret that we can feed concerns about Skyrim perhaps the absence of any multiplayer mode only assume a network scenario, in which you can populate this universe of thousands of users divided into as many factions, would in fact easy to give the final round connotations. Evidently aware of the fact that implementing such an option would involve many years of development, in order to break in game mechanics, statistical equilibrium and stability of Engine, the guys at Bethesda have however decided to postpone the turning point to a possible sequel.

Even if limited to single player only, that promoted promoted from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim stood in each case as a unique experience that not only represents a substantial step forward in the evolution of the franchise, no doubt encourage a further maturation of videogames.

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Twisted Lands Shadow Town Premium Edition

Twisted Lands - Shadow Town Premium Edition

Game description:

A treasure diver and his wife are out to sea gathering items when an artifact causes a boating accident. Awakening shipwrecked on a strange island, and with his wife now missing, the diver looking for a city miserable for signs of life, but he is not prepared for the horrors that wait. Can he find his wife and one way, before they succumb to the deadly secret that a mysterious fog envelopes? Take a terrifying journey through this hallucinatory world where shadows whisper and eyes deceive. Gather hidden items locations to help make sense of what happened in this island. Figure out a way to get off solving mysterious puzzles. With back-chilling discoveries, ominous challenges, and bloodcurdling visuals, this unhinging experience, with its shocking conclusion, will leave.


Horror movies are not what they used to be at times, as they all change as times change. Zombies, vampires, werewolves are almost a part of our lives, even if there are (at least we hope). Nowadays, the only thing that might scare for real there are worse things to fear from left and those are demons and all that surrounds them. Something very similar is happening on the island, as nothing seems to be right or wrong for that matter, its all bad ... The hero of our story is quite a hero to be called first. He and his wife are treasure hunters, and they were diving around the island in search of something precious that they could collect. They found something works as well as when they stumbled upon an artifact happened a sudden accident and after regaining consciousness he found himself on the island separated from his wife. Mark thought people in the vicinity of the city could give some clue or even perhaps found her, but when he got there, there was no one to address at all was missing. Angelo was now his priorities, finding her and obtain, as far as possible from this island retched. Thus begins the game and must look for hidden items that will help you in finding your wife, but will not be these elements which is also close to what you imagined in your search. Searches are something you have already met and there is nothing that will surprise you, but there are some elements and some challenges that require particular attention and that is where the practice of Official brand comes into play. Mark notes throughout the game all the things that are relevant and so it helps with these situations. Although the game has an accent to be a horror game, you will not find anything that could really scare intimidatorioche. There are some spooky scenes especially the scene with the statues, but for me it was more of a feeling mystical or ritual rather than horror. This all sounds pretty good, because the more you can expect from a game nowadays? Nice story, very pleasant environment and the premise is always there to hold your toes, but the mistake they made is one of the oldest tricks in the books to extend the gameplay. We will be collecting items from various locations throughout the city to solve a puzzle for example. Solve the puzzle means to advance in the game, of course, but the item that you need can not be found, or at least somewhere nearby where you found the last one is taken. Heres the good news, in these situations, just click the hint button and allow access to the place you need to go and search for the item without giving the exact location, which is usually a lump, but the bad news is which will probably run into the city on the opposite side of the map for a single item, and then go back, so you can continue your game. In addition to this is the fact that the game has two labyrinths that separate the two main parts of the maps, and is obtained a loss of time beautiful. But now everything is like this, this was the biggest flaw of the game. When you go through the game you will be informed a little current situations and go through a first-person narrative. This applies even if there is some important hidden objects in the game. You have the main interface where you can see your current environment, as well as any objects of interest (that shine if youre playing in shuffle mode). By clicking on these items will zoom in closer to interact with, or launch a scene object nascostoo puzzle. As for the graphics of the game is easy on the eyes, with crisp graphics and well defined and a good variety of scenes ranging from a cruise ship ran aground spooky mansion and a city mysteriously abandoned. As the game is the first of many likely, there will be a big question left unanswered even when the game ended, so that will leave enough space to still keep wondering what will happen in the next part of the game. It is a game that will leave you breathless, but you might just find some of the factors of the game worthy enough for you to become a fan of the series. Try the demo ...

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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spider Man Edge of Time

Spider Man - Edge of Time
Spider-Man: Edge of Time is the ultimate adventure of Peter Parker developed by Beenox, internal team to Activision. The developer is in his second work focusing on this character, as it took to realize, in 2010, Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. Apparently, how to interpret and implement in digital format to be like Spider-Man for Activison, which has in fact given in the next Beenox exclusive titles that focus on this historic Marvel character.

The idea behind the gameplay revolves around the Edge of Time focuses on the assumption that you can travel through time generating alternative timeline, developing an original relationship of cause and effect that inextricably links the two protagonists. You read that right ... if you decide to take this adventure, you will have to wear two costumes, one of Spider-Man loved the 70s and the futuristic suit Spider-Man 2099.

The plot involves the presence of the usual villain of the moment, that Walker Sloan, who decides to use his scientific knowledge to travel in time and shape the world as he wishes, bringing his mark in the past evil and creating a historical alternative. As part of this pseudo-scientific approach youll be stunned scientific terms like wormholes, timestorm or bridge Einstein-Ronsen, thrown there without care just to explain all the apparent inconsistencies that the plot, subject to the presence of temporal paradoxes, inevitably presents.

Peter Parker and Miguel OHara, the two personifications respectively of the Spider-Mans past and future actions will speak continually asking each other, using a technical solution that uses choreographed a contemporary rendering of two scenes (with the currently controlled character does not relegated in a corner of the screen). Pity that, ultimately, the required tasks are very limited and asking you to answer the questions in the same way: beating up the bad guys, or destroying some unidentified scientific contraption. The alternation is governed by a simple dynamic: Spider-Man once it completes its mission, the portion of the screen where it was relegated Spider-Man 2099 expands, moving seamlessly to control the other character.

The story evolves choreography, alternating moments of the game completely linear as the spectacular opening sequence, in which Spider-Man 2099 moves within structures suspended while the headlines are materialized in the background, more free sessions. .. but essentially always within closed. And here it is permissible to pause for reflection, as in the past any game of Spider-Man has always been designed to give the opportunity to throw in a mad session of swinging, swinging between a spider and the other. Edge of Time, however, forces our heroes to stand too often with down to earth, giving up only rarely have the chance to unleash your desire to swing at full speed. The result is slightly frustrating, almost as if the game was not calibrated to the real qualities of Spider-Man.

In fact its not exactly true, since they Beenox is committed to making the most of the traditional meaning of spider, providing different abilities for the two versions of Spidey. The original Spider-Man will rely on hyper-sense rules that will enable him to move fast dodging threats and attacking the enemy more effectively. Spider-Man 2009 will create a sort of holographic image of himself, causing opponents to concentrate, for example, the doors of their missiles to explode to earn an escape.

The combat system based on these unique qualities would also be interesting, if not by almost excessive use of special effects and divisions that are linked to the decision to keep the virtual camera far away from the protagonist, makes the action on screen quite confusing. The result is that you end up frantically pressing the attack buttons, a practice known as sadly button mashing. Which is why the experience loses a little bit of enamel, providing a level of challenge is not always well balanced.

In contrast, the boss battles offer challenging and rewarding. The sessions are divided into learning stages of their movement and attack pattern, and then take action once it is perceived as a win. In an attempt to understand what and how to do it, you will be assisted by the game itself that it will respond with suggestions textual or visual. This type of approach ensures that always different and challenges do not lead to anything, on the contrary of the fighting standard, in the button mashing ...

Longevity is ensured by single adventure that offers plenty of ten hours of play, supported by ancillary challenges, called Web of Challenges, and the usual presence of collectables that will not fail to exercise a decisive effect on the towing harcore gamer. The challenges, in fact, were not designed entirely from scratch, but these sections of the game levels are adapted to the occasion with the addition of specific objectives. The achievement of these medals guarantees that if gleaned in the quantity and value provided, access to unlock alternate costumes for use in the game. These, however, have no alternative but purely aesthetic function.

Ultimately, in an alternation of balanced strengths and weaknesses, Spider-Man: Edge of Time will appeal especially to fans of Spidey with a technical achievement than honest, and narrative choices and choreography of great impact. Spideys a pity that, although the numerical advantage by his companion of 2099, is in direct confrontation with the Batman character in Arkham City, which inevitably obscures the more modest, but still excellent, a super hero qualities.

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Boa Hancock In One Piece Anime Wallpapers

Boa Hancock In One Piece Anime Wallpapers
Boa Hancock In One Piece Anime Wallpapers
Boa Hancock In One Piece Anime Wallpapers Boa Hancock In One Piece Anime Wallpapers
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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Ace Combat Assault Legacy 3DS

Ace Combat Assault Legacy - 3DS
After fighting over the skies of Sony and those of Microsoft, the famous series of dogfights Ace Combat is going to fly over even the uncharted territories of Nintendo and its 3DS. The result is called Assault Horizon Legacy, the new game from Namco Bandai, created with the specific intent to emphasize the leadership of the glorious ONLY FOR A SPECIAL house in the genre of flight simulators.

Before going into the explanation of how the game seems right from what is basically the most interesting piece of the entire supply of the game: the gameplay. Compared to the version for home consoles the gameplay is, in fact, closer to the old Ace Combat than the current one, a fact dictated mostly by the lack of a second analog and the consequent restriction in terms of maneuverability. The only new feature included in this port therefore remains the possibility of lockare enemies, very useful to engage wild aerial dogfight with a decidedly television.

News, however, that if on one side can spettacolizzare the engagement, on the other it seemed too lenient facilitating battle enemies leaving the street that charm engagement "free" that has always characterized the series. We are faced then to Ace Combat that with the usual skill is able to skillfully mix arcade and simulation with aerial maneuvers likely the real ones, but leave a space and error handling large enough, satisfying the palates of all types of players: from the most demanding to those who love the immediacy of the game. In addition, the mapping command sullhandheld Nintendo is very comfortable and well positioned, giving the title a further incentive to be played.

Compared to the changes introduced on Xbox and Playstation, the main mode, that campaign is linked more to the conception of some Ace Combat ago with imaginary characters and backgrounds and a history that knows much more than an excuse than a real element of of importance in the clashes.
On this occasion you will have the opportunity to play as Phoenix, a skilled pilot who, together with his companions will have to try to quell a dangerous mutiny. The story will be developed through the dialogue-written-between our pilot and the other main character before and after the mission, dialogues that given the almost total absence of the stain still will not hesitate to jump in the short space of a few minutes to go directly to the mission real.
In this regard, the developers have added to the usual diversification with quite a variety of tasks ranging from classic clashes with other air-to-air fighter, a real battles on the edge of the atmosphere, without forgetting the classic battles in which you will be asked to bomb the sensitive elements as bases or supply centers. Although in hindsight there is no real news in terms of originality, the excellent construction of the latter lets you play with great pleasure.

Even numbers are on the side of the title developed by Japanese software house thanks to a great amount of air weapons and various collectible items that can unlock reaching several primary and secondary objectives and that will put the player most meticulous and collector in the position of having to take hand in later missions already played, extending the longevity of the title.

In addition to the story there is an additional game mode called challenge that offers the player missions that reflect the concept that already played in the campaign, but change the objectives of the game and in many cases making the challenge more difficult and challenging than in the case of give performance aircraft and other types of awards.
Unfortunately lacks any multiplayer game mode and off-line and online, a choice which leaves a bit of disappointment on both our faces, we imagine, as those of the fans of the series already pregustavano involving battles between human pilots around the world. A real shame.

So we come to talk about the technical, which no doubt is the least successful of the entire bid proposal. From a graphical point of view we have to record one embodiment of the terrain and dellambiento really below the average, with textures washed out and very little defined. The contrast with the planes, well made and unique element of the graphics really successful, is so clear that you will hardly notice it right from the start of the game. In addition, during our test we noticed occasional frame rate drops in the most hectic situation, something that does not help to improve some of the judgment on the graphics. Finally, we must stress that the stereoscopic effect offered by the portable Nintendo strikes at first glance, but the distance turns out to be sometimes too invasive taking after a session long enough to be turned off.

Most comforting news coming from the sound of the game. The music selected are very apt and engaging, managing to emphasize the gameplay and clashes in place more than once. The same location is very successful despite the lack of influence that the plot manages to get into the player.
Ultimately then we can say that the passage of the series on 3DS can said to be complete and well done. A minimum of forethought in most, largely from the technical point of view and the plot, would elevate the title to real masterpiece. That said, if you are a fan of the series or in general love the air raids, this is definitely the way that is right for you.

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Slingo Supreme

Slingo Supreme
Game description:

Slingo Supreme is the sequel to Slingo Deluxe that is packed with Slingtastic even more fun! It features a new and innovative Supreme mode that lets you build over 16,000 different Slingo games. It also contains an infinite amount of Daily Challenges, new Powerups like Reel Nudge and Instant Slingos and introduces the long awaited Devil Mini Games. Now you can finally take on that Devil and beat him at his game!

exclusive review:

The latest Slingo title from Funkitron Slingo Supreme is that it has new and innovative features that create levels of over 16,000 Slingo. The goal is to earn as many points as possible by matching the numbers of cards that match the numbers roll every time you turn the wheels. You can make 20 turns correspond to numbers and complete the entire board. The game allows players to collect a maximum of 8 power-ups for each level by a total of 16 available. Your main goal is to unlock power-ups, slots and stars. The game rewards you with bonus points if the speed is at the following numbers on board. The best feature of this game is probably the addition of five Devil mini games which is a test of your luck or skill. There are 3 game modes available: Supreme, Classic, and the daily challenge that lets you choose the style of play. Slingo Supreme is a fantastic game of luck and is perfect for fans of casual games. It is indeed befitting an edition of the popular Slingo Supreme.

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Monday, March 25, 2013

Bartholomew Kuma one piece anime

Bartholomew Kuma one piece anime Bartholomew Kuma one piece anime Bartholomew Kuma one piece anime Bartholomew Kuma one piece anime
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Cryostasis Sleep of Reason

The best horror games can make you shiver, but few elicit chills as well as Cryostasis: The Sleep of Reason. This is partially due to the tense atmosphere that slowly thickens as you play, inspiring a general unease that eventually escalates into full-blown panic. But its also due to its icy Arctic setting, where the freezing air can choke your lungs and heat is the most valuable of commodities. The unforgiving blizzards of the North Pole inspire Cryostasis on multiple levels, from a heavy, deliberate pace akin to wading through drifts of snow, to multiple gameplay mechanics that keep you forever at odds with the cold. This innovative first-person adventure is not for everyone; its slow tempo will numb players seeking instant gratification, and occasional performance and stability issues may frustrate. But Cryostasis has a way of keeping you in its thrall, pushing you forward to see what frosty secrets lie ahead.

The game doesnt give you much in the way of exposition, ushering you into the frozen tundra by way of a seemingly unrelated voice-over about a tribe of forest dwellers seeking refuge within the wildwood. This tale evolves during the game through a series of scattered parchments, though its meanings and metaphors are slow to unfold--much like the main narrative. Its not immediately clear as you start your initial explorations where you are and why youre there, though the raging blizzard and lifeless bodies strewn around indicate that you arent apt to
encounter many friendly faces. Eventually the framework becomes more apparent: You are on a nuclear-powered icebreaker whose crew has befallen an unusual tragedy, though the glacial crash that seems the most likely cause is only one piece in an increasingly complex puzzle. Its a great mystery, and the gradual flow of information will keep you guessing--and keep you tethered to your screen.

The story is uncovered in flashbacks, but these recollections arent just plot morsels that exist outside of the gameplay. Rather, you relive key moments as you encounter the scattered corpses of crew members. When you discover bodies, youre transported back in time to witness important events that eventually coalesce into a meaningful narrative, and you do so through the eyes of the poor soul youve discovered. However, you arent always just a powerless witness; in many cases, you must actively change the circumstances of the past to affect the present. This mechanic manifests itself in different ways and leads to some of the games most memorable moments. For example, by piloting an undersea vessel through some murky waters within one sinister flashback, you conduct repairs that then remove obstacles in the present. In another case, youll make a quick jump before icy waters plunge into the room and wash you away.

In fact, many of these "mental echoes" involve saving the victims life, and often require a bit of trial and error as you jump into the past and figure out which actions lead to success. Try-and-try-again gameplay can be an annoyance in other games, but in Cryostasis, these conundrums take on a classic adventure-game feel with successful results. The puzzles involved arent overly difficult, but you may need to make a few attempts to complete them without succumbing to environmental hazards, like suffocating smoke and rising water levels. Should you fail, youre transported to the present without penalty. Should you succeed, your surroundings change and usher you toward more mystery.

However, Cryostasis isnt always so forgiving. You may find a lurching fiend awaiting you when you return to the present, and the best way to communicate with such flesh demons is with an axe to the head or a shotgun blast to the belly. These enemies arent the smartest bunch, but they can inflict a lot of damage, so every shot you fire must count. This is partially because your weapons arent built for speed; like every facet of the game, slaying your lumbering enemy is a measured affair. The axe, your close-combat mainstay, feels remarkably heavy, and the camera sways forcibly when you swing as if to reinforce that notion. Ranged weapons can be just as ponderous, often devastatingly so. Reload times are incredibly long, and the camera bob that signifies recoil with some weapons is dramatic. The sense of impact doesnt always match up with these effects, which can make combat cross the line from "heavy" to "needlessly clunky." Nevertheless, pelting a blowtorch-wielding brute with flares and watching it panic as it burns to death is satisfying. On the other hand, trying to use the Mosin rifle and its infuriatingly blurry scope wont lead to similar glee.The occasionally awkward combat doesnt thaw the frigid tension, thankfully, and scare attempts hit more often than they miss. Some encounters are predictable, such as those that follow your haunting visits to the past. However, most of them still manage to shock, thanks to clever uses of slamming doors, scurrying beasts, and good old-fashioned surprise appearances, complete with flickering lights and high-pitched ambient chords. Far-off clatters, your characters heavy breathing and occasional wheezing, and the churning, clanging machinery juxtapose well and generate tension on a broad scale. Frequent silences make the excellent sound design even more effective by making it unpredictable, just as the tense lulls between enemy attacks make those encounters seem all the more vicious. Cryostasis is legitimately scary, because deaths cold embrace seems perpetually close at hand.

There is limited solace to be had in the various heat sources found on the vessel. Burning torches, flaming debris, and even desk lamps not only provide visual warmth, but also let you replenish your health reserves. Your health meter is dynamic, given that it is affected both by taking damage in combat and by the chill that permeates the Arctic. Although the standard levels of cold wont kill you, they will keep your health meter practically empty, and a few short jaunts through superchilled fogs can easily be fatal. This mechanic is not only a cool idea on its own, but also enhances the tension and general sense of chilled danger, because the effects of the cold directly impact gameplay. The only drawback to this system is that every so often, it foreshadows enemy encounters, which sometimes occur shortly after you discover heating elements.

As you crawl through the tight corridors, you may occasionally experience a sense of deja vu, but thats a product of the setting rather than of uncreative design. In fact, as the tale evolves, so too do the environments that you explore. Just as the frosty hallways start to wear down your resolve, Cryostasis will introduce a new area, often via a grainy mental echo that recounts the eerie events of the past before you explore the same now-decrepit environs in the present. Some of these locales are constructed well, such as a room with a large reactor that looks far different in the present than it does when you first explore it via flashback episode. But no matter which region of the ship youre traversing, youll feel perpetually frostbitten. Flakes of frost waft down from above, undulating sheets of ice crystals cover walls and machinery, and when youre exposed to full blasts of the arctic tempest, the roar of the wind will deafen you whilst the rush of snow and ice blinds you.The water and ice effects are quite good, as are the lighting and shadows. Flickering lights and icy reflections set up the scares, but these touches arent used so often that they lose their edge. Additionally, though not always perfectly smooth, good animations bring characters to life, human and nonhuman alike. Yet though the graphics engine projects the right mood, it is somewhat dated. Textures are greatly lacking in detail, and some jagged edges and blocky geometry make Cryostasis look uneven. Despite that, the graphics technology has a difficult time keeping up. The game is prone to major fits of slowdown, even on machines that greatly exceed its minimum requirements, which is a head-scratcher in a game that clearly doesnt push the limits of modern technology. We also experienced a couple of crashes, though the experience was otherwise mostly bug-free. The frame-rate difficulties usually lead to only minor annoyances, though they can be a bit more frustrating when they occur in the midst of combat.

These visual issues aside, Cryostasiss measured exploration and sense of frigid tension make it an experience unlike any other. Additionally, the flashback and health-replenishment mechanics arent just interesting on their own, but also enhance the atmosphere and give weight to the enigmatic tale as it slowly unfolds. If you need the constant stimulation of flying bullets and sprays of blood, Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason likely wont inspire you. But if you appreciate slow-burning suspense, this adventure will keep you glued to the monitor to uncover the secrets buried deep within the inhospitable tundra of the Arctic circle.

Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason
Publisher: 1C
Developer: Action Forms

Minimum System Requirements
OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor: AMD Athlon 3000+ or Intel Equivalent
Memory: 1 GB
Video Memory: ATI Radeon 9800/nVidia 6800GT
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse
DVD Rom Drive

Recommended System Requirements
OS: Windows XP/Vista
Processor: Intel Core 2 DUO 6400/AMD X2 5600+
Memory: 2 GB
Video Memory: ATI Radeon 2900/nVidia GeForce 8800 GTS
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c or 10
Keyboard & Mouse
DVD Rom Drive

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Wallpaper One Piece Anime Topi Jerami

Wallpaper One Piece Anime Topi Jerami
Wallpaper One Piece Anime Topi Jerami
Wallpaper One Piece Anime Topi Jerami Wallpaper One Piece Anime Topi Jerami
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wallpaper One Piece Trafalgar Law In Anime 45

Wallpaper One Piece Trafalgar Law In Anime #45
Wallpaper One Piece Trafalgar Law In Anime #45
Wallpaper One Piece Trafalgar Law In Anime #45 Wallpaper One Piece Trafalgar Law In Anime #45
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The Lord of the Rings War in the North

The Lord of the Rings: War in the North
It is now ten years since the saga of The Lord of the Rings was projected on the screens of movie theaters, but the charm of Middle-earth does not seem to show even the slightest harm, and continues to offer various kinds of licensed products, from games canned and collectible cards, passing merchandise, and going, through thick and thin, even in gaming. This time its the turn of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, an Action RPG rather classic and finally focused on a new adventure.

Dellaltisonante Despite its name, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North tells the story of the War of the Ring, but from a different point of view and unprecedented. Abandoned, then, the historical characters of the saga, the player can finally play as three characters from the unpublished narrative background unknown: the dwarf warrior Fanrin, the witch elf and the ranger ranger Andriel Eradan.

The three heroes, Aragorn sent by an old acquaintance, whose task is to track down and eliminate Agandùr, an evil and mysterious knight who is gathering a massive army in the northern areas, and whose goal is to give a strong hand with Sauron and launch a devastating attack on Middle-earth.

In parallel, Frodo, Gandalf and company are making their most well-known mission and, therefore, the success of the sinister plan Agandùr could decree the end of the Fellowship of the Ring. For this reason, priority is being able to carry out the mission.

Without ever reaching the heights of epic films or other similar games, the plot of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North written by the guys at Snowblind, can not remember the pleasant atmosphere typical of the universe was born from the pen of Tolkien visionary, and has interesting parallels with the story and narrative plots that have all come to love in the book or through the eponymous film.

The director of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North shows its muscles especially during the dialogue, weaving lines dialogic anything but trivial and secondary farcendole of interesting information.

The play structure of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North does not try to take the road of innovation or propose new paradigms to the genre. Concentrate, instead, all efforts to develop an Action RPG and the classic gameplay solid, by a heavy reliance on a background of unchallenged beauty.

The combat system of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is fluid and dynamic, and can be mastered immediately, returning a good feeling, similar to what we saw in the last role play with a strong propensity for Action as The Wicher 2 or Dragon Age 2.

To accompany the combat system, is obviously the growth pattern of the character, the experience accumulated on the developable area, in addition to traditional parameters such as Strength, Dexterity, Strength and Will, proposes a skill tree is divided into three blocks waterproof, its attacks from a distance, close to the capabilities and liabilities.

Unfortunately, the skills are not at all original and their development is semi-guided and inflexible, not allowing more tactical approaches or offensive combinations. A real shame because, unlike what you might think, behind the bark hacknslash The Lord of the Rings: War in the North lies a strategic mind. Many times, thanks to a good level of difficulty, during the fighting on the ground, the player must act with caution, trying to deal with the fighting mentality and avoiding tactics to launch headlong into the fray.

The course of the campaign of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is completely linear and sees the cyclic succession of levels until the end credits, reached in just over ten hours. Each stage is laid out between a wave of enemies and the other, without ever offering of game situations in some different way, without considering some quests from the fleeting integration. Being an Action RPG, it is difficult to see the repetition as a defect, being in fact an intrinsic feature of the genre, but unfortunately, given the total lack of esplorabilità scenarios and pronounced linearity dellincedere, would have been nice at least some other expedient fun.

However, to push the player will have the presence of a narrative and pleasant evergreen looting that without an arsenal include rich and original a la Diablo, a good and varied, however, allows customization of the alter ego war.

To take full advantage of the offer fun of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North, and avoid getting bored with the campaign by playing solo, you can access the co-op mode and go into the Land of the North in the company of two other companions in the flesh and bones. There are two options: either play via internet, or in split screen (two players only). Working with human friends, the experience takes on a new appearance, it is possible to study the fighting in a more strategic and varied, going to erode slightly uncomfortable feeling of repetitiveness present in single.

At first glance distracted, the appearance of The Lord of the Rings: War in the North is appreciable. Otherwise, pausing to take a closer look and experienced stand out many flaws and inaccuracies graphics: textures in low definition, a general poverty of details, approximate polygonal models, a system of lighting and particle effects just sketched deficit.

What, however, manages to save the mediocre graphics component is the level design and good art work in atmospheres and environments reproduce what Tolkien. The graphic reconstruction of Rivendell, for example, is loyal to the party film, but unfortunately the "magic" fails on all occasions and, in certain situations, you are in front of the flat levels and uninspired, despite the excellent source of inspiration from which to start.

The soundtrack is able to accompany the story very well, on the contrary, the dubbing in Italian presents issues of sync and can not get into acting (a bit better than in English though always establishes levels of sufficiency).

On paper, The Lord of the Rings: War in the North would have all it takes to be an excellent product: the license has been properly exploited and is offered a narrative novel and enjoyable to follow. Unfortunately, the scales must also make a gameplay, yes, solid, but far too linear and repetitive, despite the welcome addition of the cooperative, prevents much-needed breakthrough, relegating the new variation of Middle-earth in video games good judgment, but not great. Recommended unreservedly to fans of the franchise and fans of Action RPGs that do not have too many claims.

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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Jodie Drake and the World in Peril

Jodie Drake and the World in Peril
Game description:

Assigning more recent photograph of Jodie has got a lot of attention from publications around the world. The images of ancient ruins are peaking interest around the world, including that of a mysterious figure. Because of his skills and an adventurous spirit, she was hired to take a new photo set of the world, but soon discovers that theres more to this than meets the eye position. Travel the world with Jodie and uncover ancient treasures hidden in forgotten ruin. Explore six continents, visiting Egypt, India, Greece and more like the plot of an evil madman unfolds before your eyes. Take pictures of valuable items, solve puzzles and play exciting mini-stunning games. Jodie explore the implications of his strange travels before it is too late?

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Archaeology has always been a passion of many people around the world. Most of them studied archeology and who want to discover the wonders of the world in a way that no one has seen before as there is always some little mystery about what happened at a time when it was built the great pyramid of Giza or some of the most mysterious and religious throughout Asia, mostly China and India. But every country has something to hide, and that something must be hidden as history has decided that long ago. Jodie Drake has some very noble reasons for what he is doing. It is not an archaeologist or treasure hunter (Tomb Raider).

His passion is to discover the lost places throughout the world and taking their pictures, but what is usually an impossible task for a normal human being she does this with ease. She is a well-known version of Angel of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft. Its mission is to discover the miracles of the lost civilization and put some light on the dark past that, although we think we know, we probably do not know everything that really happened in some parts of the story. She does everything through his camera, as all it does is take pictures of these ancient objects and places, and she became famous for his work.

Because she is now a famous photograph and known for its extra-ordinary adventure, a travel magazine has become very famous here to travel to different locations around the world in search of some amazing historic places that are forgotten even by the most ancient myths and stories. This is not to big of a challenge for Jodie as she went through a lot of these situations, and there is nothing that can surprise you here. But as she is starting to travel around these strange places Doveil just appointed its head that sent her everything begins to take a strange turn as though thousands of miles away from each other, these places are beginning to have mutual designs that begin to connect . The game consists of six different chapters, and each chapter is a game in a different location in the world.

When starting with the first chapter will proceed to the next (of course), but the game does not dictate which section will be that chosen by the remaining five after the first one ended. The choice is yours to make. The game takes place through various difficulties and obstacles that must be overcome so we can proceed further. These obstacles are usually set in a form of hidden objects that are given to you in a list that helps you get through them. Now when you get to the part of the puzzle, there is nothing surprising about it, as most are all very familiar with every fan of hidden objects. The thing that will get you going for this game is what has surprised me many other reviewers, and this is the scenario has changed almost completely, as this type of issue has rarely been used in HOG.

For the most part is some lonely and obscure places that are so ghostly and deserted you start to like them, because of the many times youve seen them. However, the mini-games (puzzle that is) as I said are mostly familiar with the games youve played before, but there is one or two games that will give a new breath of life as they are different from regular games usually put to break the flow of the game. The hidden object is not done in a way for you to wonder of the world personally so you might recognize some of the items, or has produced subtle tricks like changing shades of color, etc. ... So there will be some grueling research, but in case if you need help there is the hint button to help throughout the game, especially in mini-games like Labyrinth.

This is probably the game where we would strive to use the hint system more, but as in any game does not recommend using it because of the score. The suggestion itself is recharged about every half minute or so. The game graphics represents a standard of his age, nothing too fancy, but standard. There will be some scenes out of focus, where you will probably have to strain your eyes to understand completely, but they are very rare throughout the game. The sound of the game is done with the characters in both ways, when they speak with and through dialogues subbed. The music that is used for the background is appropriate for this type of game and the discovery of the treasure, but spookiness is not always the best solution so you turn up and down depending on your mood and atmosphere in which you want to play .

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Anime Girl Boa Hancock In One Piece

Anime Girl Boa Hancock Hentai In One Piece
Anime Girl Boa Hancock Hentai In One Piece
Anime Girl Boa Hancock Hentai In One Piece Anime Girl Boa Hancock Hentai In One Piece
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