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WRC 2 FIA World Rally Championship 2011

WRC 2: FIA World Rally Championship 2011

It is not the first time that Milestone, Italian pride in the world of electronic entertainment, engages in the production of a title rallystico, nor is his first experience on four wheels. Leaving aside memories of a faraway Screamer Rally PC title from 1997, was precisely to deal with Milestone WRC: FIA World Rally Championship, last year and always under label Black Bean Games. It is for this reason that WRC 2 we expect a quantum leap that can lead him to compete directly with the latest, powerful DiRT 3.

Compared to the previous edition, WRC 2 can certainly boast of a more refined driving model, which guarantees a feeling very well diversified basis of the areas addressed by your vehicle. The feedback from the road is so well replicated by forcing you to drive carefully, because the passage from one area to a paved dirt requires a sudden change in the approach of driving.

Physics applied to the car returns a more realistic behavior of the car, not only on the side of the driving experience, but also visually, stemming almost entirely the impression that the machine rotates around an imaginary central axis, which demonstrates a strong commitment in the take into account the friction of all four tires in the calculation of the trajectories. The only obvious flaw is found in an unnatural light in response to stresses that can come from accidents on the track, as often the cause of sudden unexpected reversals.

Probably, just to avoid this fastidiousness of the game engine, Milestone has seen fit to offer a variety of options to adjust the level of realism of the simulation, meeting the needs of a diverse range of players, from the most demanding purists rally , up to corsaioli thrill-seeking fast and not too demanding.

The main game mode called Road to the WRC, you will step into the shoes of a rookie pilot, ready to climb the rankings to arrive, finally, the league official, coming to terms with the best drivers of landscape rallystico. The overall approach is very classical and provides a simple sequence of events to be completed in an attempt to get the best time.

Completely absent from any narrative component, as well as movies intermission between one race and another, overlooked in favor of a lengthy textual presentation at each event. The result of this approach, unfortunately, inevitably weigh the gaming experience. The only variation on a schedule otherwise a tad boring are the objectives to be completed to gain experience.

To growing experience, it also increases the level of the pilot, which is related to the evolution of the entire stable. The ability to hire engineers and marketers is doubly tied to your performance on the track. A further incentive to give the best when youre behind the wheel, also, is the ability to earn money to help purchase new vehicles, divided into seven categories. The level of customization is guaranteed by the usual plethora of decorations and liveries are available for each model.

If youve never jumped into a bush virtual rally, know that WRC 2 also offers an excellent driving school, which is useful to familiarize yourself with the mechanics of classic controlled slide. In addition to the Road to WRC mode, you can also indulge in fast single races, or the classic league.

On the multiplayer side, WRC offers 2 different game options that cover also offline sessions. You can deal with three other friends who is single circuit races, and championships, alternandovi driving and aiming to achieve the best time, as befits a true rally racing. As for online, the maximum number of players increased from 4 to 16, but the substance remains unchanged, offering sessions in which you race against ghost of the other competitors in real time in an attempt to beat the best time. Fortunately, there are the so-called Super Special Stage, closed paths in which two riders compete directly with the goal to score first for the scheduled number of laps.

Technically, despite the excellent work, the title Milestone can not reach the heights of excellence, Codemasters EGO Engine 2.0. Good polygonal models of cars and appreciated the dynamic lighting system, but nothing to cry miracle ... especially comparing the visual results obtained dallagguerrita competition. If we add to a fund does not sound exciting, particularly as regards the choice of soundtrack, you realize how much can be done to improve this franchise.

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