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Sport Champions

Sport Champions

Although Move, the new motion controller proposed by Sony, released on 15 September, will not impose a bundle with a specific symbol and only game, Sports Champions is still the must-have launch title for PS3 users. The starter disk already includes a limited demo of the simulation, focusing on a variety of sporting events to deal with blows of a motion controller, but to enjoy the full potential of the new device, at the moment this is the best way (better than Start The Party other minor titles cut very casual).

The busy combination of accelerometers and sensors, combined with the PS Eye camera, map the players actions in 3D space and, before each game, the system re-check everything, with a further calibration that measures the distance of the arm from the body. Repeat the test every time is a bit annoying, but in this way you will reach the much vaunted precision 1:1, which is definitely not regret the lack of the classic joypad (forget the nightmare of Virtua Tennis controlled via Sixasis!) System is so sensitive as to make almost unfavorable movements to be performed excessively large, so you can play waving, but calmly much.

Disc Golf, Beach Volleyball, Bowling, Table Tennis, Archery and Gladiator Duel events are available in Sports Champions. Not be the most creative, but remained on the classic you can test the Move in various situations.

Going forward, then we become aware that Sports Champion goes far beyond the simple display of technique, pulling out unexpected depth. The style more mature and less "casual", light years away from that of Wii Sports, the rest transpired since the hi-res graphics, very realistic, and the aggressive look of the characters (which can not be customized).

Although each sport will be accompanied by a clear tutorial divided into several steps, the degree of challenge is in fact much more challenging than what we played until yesterday on other shores, and in some disciplines, serve different games to get really competitive! Although there is no real career mode, Sports Champions features three difficulty levels (bronze, silver and gold) and a Challenge Mode, all suggesting that remixes frenetic challenges based on small snacks.

The local multiplayer for 2-4 players, it is still a cause more just to sweat in front of the TV!

As always in the multi-event titles, but there are tests and most exciting way less successful, with little bite or planned evil. In the duel of gladiators (an Olympic medieval?) Lunges are too fast, for example, recorded with discontinuity by the system. The gameplay tends to confusing, although a glimpse of a potential strategy for Soul Calibur tomorrow.

Volleyball is quite intriguing, since you have to mimic bagher and crushed, but limited by the typical autopilot decides the movement of your character in the field.

The ping-pong, however, is really impressive. Takes into account the speed of rotation, the angle of the racquet, however small, and the distance between avatars and table. Distance will be reduced closer to the TV.

The same sense of surgical precision you breathe Disc Golf and Bowls, given the need to pay attention to the movement of the wrist and not only that of the arm. The variant "senior center" of bowling is also a relaxing and pleasant discovery!

The archery, recalling to mind of course Wii Sports Resort, is confirmed as accurate and rewarding because the developers of the (unknown) Zindagi were able to make enough different paths and targets to be addressed.

Perhaps, you could do more, but for 39 euro you can not complain too much. Sports Champions is still a test point, which also reiterates what is the big advantage of the Move games, compared to the Wii: the ability to use a double set-up with a second "magic wand", the identical precision, close in the other hand.

6 Some of the events in the disk may in fact be managed with two PlayStation Move, and in that case the realism of the simulation we earn a lot, literally doubling the fun. I mean, shoot an arrow or handle sword and shield with a single device, so to speak, is much less satisfying because in that case will come into play more keys to press. And we all know how the buttons go against the philosophy of "user friendly" at the base of the motion control ...

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