Monday, December 9, 2013

Reel Deal Slot Quest Wild West Shootout

Reel Deal Slot Quest - Wild West Shootout

The first sip of rye and barely touches his lips when then fly open door sedan and a group of rough and tumble men walks. Clang their spurs as they step out loud, pushing everyone out of the way. They are there to announce that from now on, will be running the show in this city Tumbleweed, but as the local sheriff, you have other plans. Make your stand and show them whos boss as Cowboy challenges them in a slot for the control of the city. Drop in your credits, you select the pay lines and spins the wheels for four slots fabulous. Complete demanding missions on each machine to achieve levels that increase your winnings. Play unique mini games, earn up to 100 hits and track all your stats. It can survive the shooting as corral ok?

Slot Quest: Wild West Shootout [Download for Platform: Windows Vista / 7 / XP]

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