Saturday, December 7, 2013


With the launch of Rage HD, the father of Quake and Doom tries to give a jolt to the first-person shooter on the Apple device. The result is a miracle in half, squeeze the power of the iPhone 4G and iPad, with a hi-res graphics for 60 frames per second, leaving, however, with that annoying "hungry" versions of typical test incomplete.

Rage HD "Mutant Bash TV" is not the conversion of the game pocket in the works for PS3, Xbox and PC, but rather a tantalizing preview of what will be the real Rage "living room". However, graphically speaking, we are facing one of the most amazing titles released on the iPhone, this does not rain.

The setting of post-atomic Mad Max, visual effects and bloody dizzying speed at which everything revolves, tear more than a round of applause. The application from 743 megabytes considered, was specifically designed for Apple systems more powerful, but for the record, we note that the store there is also a "normal" version, with textures in standard definition, dedicated to the terminals of the previous generations.

The problem is that Rage HD or not, can not be considered a complete game, but just an exercise in style. To begin with, the gameplay is not that of a real FPS because you can not turn to the levels at will, but only forward on the rails fixed by the developer.

It is true that in optics pocket, we may pass over this choice, which helps to streamline the controls and turn the game into a fast and adrenaline shooting, immediately accessible, but the limited longevity of technical demo is unforgivable. Carmack and his associates have staked everything on the graphics engine, but they have done virtually nothing to give a little thick at the game (there is no plot and no depth on the characters) or to extend the experience over those little 3 levels of single-player. You can replay all at a higher difficulty (Easy mode takes just 15 minutes to reach the end!), But nothing more than that ...

The ability to compete with friends is not covered even with a simple comparison of the distance record and, in this sense, it seems to be faced with a game of first-generation iPhone.

Among the (few) design choices appreciable, however, point out the checkpoint close (with the auto-save is triggered if that abruptly interrupt the game) and the possibility of using the tilt of the gyroscope inside, beyond the classic tap on the screen to govern the targeting system

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