Sunday, December 15, 2013

Farm Frenzy Gone Fishing!

Farm Frenzy - Gone Fishing!

Game description:

After years of helping farmers and others in distress, Scarlett is finally recognized for her hard work. She is rewarded with his own island farm, and though she is super excited, what can she possibly raise on something that has so little land? Fish and other sea creatures, of course! Scarlett participate in 90 all-new underwater ranching challenges to create delicious goods. Company with the help of wonderful sea creatures salmon, sea horses and dolphins. Upgrade over a dozen new buildings. Make over two dozen new products. Chase takes away with sharks! It is a fun stay.


Farm Frenzy is now here for a while , and new releases have become something regular with this game as the release of the game produces new editions of the game in a small time interval between them. This product in a couple of the latest editions almost the same games with differences hardly visible, not to mention the differences between the gameplay that practically no one. So what does the FF - Gone Fishing has to prove again? Well, lets start with the history of the game. Scarlet, our eternal hero of the Farm Frenzy series is back again, but this time there was no word of what she is connected with farming and agriculture with the exception of a reward that he got from that area competence. When he got his reward got a bonus that goes well with the reward, a small island just for her. But what can be done with scarlet island? Someone would be that small island a private tropical paradise, but Scarlet is not our average person every day. Normally she would put some chickens and a few cows or goats, but this time there is not much space for all those animals! But as soon Scarlet arrived on the island, there was no time to lose, and immediately began to come up with a new source of funding for his small island. This time there is no chickens, as frankly deposition of eggs for chickens in water is not present in the side stronger ... This time underwater creatures are on the list to do different jobs for Scarlet in the production of new, but strangely familiar to those from previous versions. Salmon are now new chickens, as they lay caviar which strangely gets nostalgic with chicken eggs. Then you can sell it or send it to a factory upgrade, so to speak. You can use the caviar to play in new caviar butter, making it more expensive and so on until the final product. Produce slightly more expensive sturgeon caviar like goat and sheep, and the animal more expensive here is the dolphin. Dolphins use their sensitive noses to dig treasures for you, from which you can benefit a lot. In the place of dogs and cats are sharks and seahorses. Sharks chase the bear insanely stubborn, that still does not give up making plans. The Seahorses are to collect any goods left standing, just like a cat. For the rest of the game is pretty much the same, the upgrade shop is still where it was, and it updates the factories, caged bear, helicopter, but this time you update your boat for the transport of goods that are going to be sold. But those upgrades as always, just like that. Abundance level must be done to be able to unlock all the available updates, or you do a lot of repetition of levels that has already ended. Besides the big issue back in the game, another thing that every player who has played the first FF games will notice is the shift in difficulty. The game was fairly easy levels at the beginning and in some levels you could get hard in previous versions, but now the game can get really difficult. The game will now be the right time to get busy as hell, with all the clicking conversion of different products in the most precious, and when that happens, the game you get so worked up in the finger clicking might get too worked, especially when the bear starts pouring in. To wrap, we had a game with 90 levels to get through each easily done, but now? Its hard on your time silver, but gold is a real challenge for any fan of the game and you will run through if you plan to complete the game. The new exotic underwater theme brings new life and for that matter new hope for this game, as the developers began to realize that a good recipe does not work, again and again. Things got to change and bring variety in every new release, and even though the game still sounds familiar when you look the harder it is a start. Fans who loved the game, but gave up on it because of the repetition can find this release to be a window for a new series of Farm Frenzy, which could begin surprising in more ways than just change some major theme.

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