Friday, December 13, 2013

Bee Garden The Lost Queen

Bee Garden - The Lost Queen

Game description:

The API of the worker are tired of spending their days working. When you complain to the Queen, he decides to teach them a lesson and leave them without a leader. Now APIs have no guidance and are unable to defend themselves. It will help guide the API to continue producing honey while searching for their lost queen? Sounds easy, but the peaceful gardening quickly turns into honey-making madness in 40 wonderful levels. Instruct your API to plant flowers, water them and then collect the nectar. Buy upgrades including new flower containers and seeds. Control of pests and weeds. You can also a special hidden object mini-game within the game itself. There is so much to do here, but do not forget to find the queen bee!


Ah honey nice and tasty, a part of my life I can not think without me. But it seems that there are a couple of problems in the honey making the sky. The API of the worker have become quite tired of doing everything that the queen bee tells them to do. So, to teach them a lesson, the Queen decides to simply take off and leave it alone to take care of everything. He then spent the panic and the API only stop working as they do not know what to do! Suddenly more and more activities to build on and that is where you came from. You need to show the queen that the API can take care of themselves with a little help from you and a trick or two from nature itself. Now he has to work hard to plant, water and harvest honey from the flowers in the portion of the garden. You will use the honey together to fulfill orders in your store. Will be coming into the store and have different needs in order to satisfy customers. Each flower in your garden produce different honey. Customers will ask you to honey of a specific flower or a mix of honey flowers. In the first case you will collect the honey he wants before the customer who is waiting in line. You need to fill the jars of honey and time. If you harvest honey that is asked of you, that honey in a jar is different, where the flavors of honey are put together. At the beginning of the game you are given three batches of seeds your flowers. Get your seeds from your warehouse, where they are held through the entire game. Some lots will have a picture of a flower on them and you will get a bonus harvest when you plant what kind of flower in the plot. After you put the seeds on flower needs to grow, but it will not grow all of their own. You have to feed and take care of it, with all that it needs. In the first place there is the most important thing, and that is watering the plants. The flowers will ask from time to time, to be watered, and clicking on the drop of water will send the API for water. If only it were that simple ... You will get lucky a few times and you have to do, until drops of honey on the flower for you to collect. But there will be times when everything is working against you. You will be attacked by several bugs that are trying to steal the honey or seeds or eat your flowers and you have to be prepared for these cases. After the honey is harvested the flowers begin to die and finally leave behind seeds so you can plant new flowers from those seeds. The seeds go to the department store after clicking on them for later use. The number of seeds that eventually the level with what you get to the next level so you have to be careful what you plant and when you are so ready to play the next round, make sure you collect all the seeds that are left behind flowers. Fortunately, the game offers a few power-ups here and there that come in handy. Find the missing parts of a clock will allow you extra time. Collection of water droplets and a symbol of cloud will bring down the rain, and with it the fastest growing times and automatic watering. Beans and pods turn into extra flower seeds. This will add extra life to the game and the challenge that can help in case of need or just increase your score. After the game starts to evolve will need to look at the ability to upgrade and balance, because you have to have the right amount of worker bees to your garden, as surely they will purchase more plots. Make sure you do not get too side. The most amazing thing about this game is definitely the graphics. Why played on a new machine that I did not feel any distortion or missing in 3D graphics that looked beautifully. Surely older machines will feel graphic requirements "heavy" in this game, but what you can do ... There are four locations in the game and 11 levels for each position to play and the first are just too easy, but later, the challenge will be overwhelming for some players, so keep an eye on what you are doing and help them to complete the API activity.

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