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Amerzone PC game review

Amerzone PC game review

Life is like this: one day youre a normal man, and the next day you find yourself to be even a normal man. Does the same. Start talking about Amerzone, the last effort of the Microids. Slap the first of the fourteenth CD into the player, I install everything and launch the game. I see in the distance a postman on a bicycle towards me away from what looks like a lighthouse in a dark autumn day. He approaches and speaks to me. He tells me about the letter that I sent to the lord of the lighthouse, and the precarious state of his health. Then you pedaling away. And so the game begins. Nestled in a clearing in the distance I see the lighthouse, and a beautiful cursorone the center. Move the cursor. Magic: the cursor does not move, is to rotate the landscape! The effect is that which has rotating the observation point, as is done with Quake and similar, only that the definition of the environment is much greater (are all rendered image above) and one can not move if not when it is see the navigation arrow
Interesting, very interesting. The involvement that this method is able to convey is impressive. Continual product research and slowly emerges in front of me what will be my task: to bring the egg white birds to Amerzone, on the slopes of the volcano in the area. This egg was transported to France in 1934 by the professor who now instructs us precisely to make the trip to this remote land. Virgin land, where a group of Indians living in sibiosi with nature and especially with the race of mysterious white birds, narrated in many legends (but where?). The aforementioned professor in fact, after a long Living room area for his work (but also a love blossomed with the inhabitants) decided to take out to prove the existence of this species as the egg, the only egg that these birds lay, and from which arise the later generations. Laughed at by everyone, sir its action lived a solitary life until the museum not returned the relic to many tens of years away. With amazement the professor, the egg was still alive! From this the idea of ​​organizing to put the egg where it had taken. But time passes for everyone, and the young scientist who long before had done the deed, it is now an old man of more than ninety years, too weak to undergo a further effort (because the first movement will greet this world)

And here come into play: you will need to complete the mission. Do not worry about what I told you, I have not taken anything to the game as anything you find in the first 2 minutes in which we wander to the lighthouse. As we wander? Good walking. And how do you tell him how to walk? Easy, turning his gaze to one direction, and if the pointer changes to an arrow, with a click you fly to the new location
In fact, the targeting system is slightly different from the ones we are used to, not so much because of the rotation of the screen, as due to its simplistic approach: if you can move an arrow towards something, if you can move or take an object appears a hand if you need to use a tick icon of two gears. Especially the last point made me turn up their noses because in practice there suggerise already going to rummage in your inventory to use an item, or if neither of those work, retrace your steps to find what you are missing. If you think the inventory of the various Monkey Island there would be too many problems as to choose the object among the many crops you must still do not pull their own at random. But here the inventory holds only 8 objects, and if you consider that for a long time many letters and can only be read, understand how the choice is further reduced to a mere passado then systematic attempt everything we have on him (which to do so in Monkey Island, you had to be reached on the brink of despair). However, the puzzles are well structured and very logical (unlike MI where after some time oncoming despair ... how do you think about using the monkey on the pump!?) As a whole. This however does not mean that they are easy to resolve (see the elevator) and often take a long glance as well as a little reflection. The graphics and is very well defined, not at the level of Riven, but well-made to show that the graphs of Microid really know what they are doing in this field. A special note for movies. Truly sublime, so much so that in many places do not seem to come out of a modeling software to their complexity and reality (I have heard that it should come out even a DVD version of Amerzone, in which movies could have much more space, will be even more sensational to see, as long as you own a player ...). Finally, the plot is well structured and will bind to the game forcing you to wander and think to solve the enigma that seems impossible: you will also be aided by old friends of the professor who will provide interesting information for the pursuit of adventure. About adventure: this, however, is very different from the kind were used to: you do not need that much racking their brains to solve the various problems that you come across, as exploring the environment around you, look at every single detail that could be useful with the sequence of events. What to say? Go to comment and get ready for the new and juicy recipe for summer: boiled beans with yogurt.

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