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Alan wake

Alan wake

Episode 1: The Nightmare

Alan begins his story by telling his dream. It was night and it was late, sped on a machine for a coastal road. Suddenly appears a hitchhiker on the way, Alan does not see it and it invests. Gets out to rescue him but the unfortunate pedestrian was killed instantly, and after a few seconds the lifeless body vanishes into thin air. After the impact the car is out of use and Alan, still in shock, he decided to go to the meeting place, the lighthouse, walk through the woods. Here a dark presence begins to emerge. The man who has invested reappears, armed with an ax and wrapped in thick shadow, almost solid, which blurs the lines. The man turns out to be one of the characters of the novels Wake furious that accuses him of being a mediocre writer and to feel like a god. Alan is confused and scared, and things get worse when a huge presence in the form of a relentless black cloud begins to chase him destroying everything in its path. A light pierces the night sky and a mysterious voice speaks to him explaining how to defeat the darkness, and those who were possessed and uttering cryptic phrases such as "will pick you up with the appearance of my Barbara." Fleeing, Alan ends up in a lighthouse. Here something monstrous come upon him, and a chilling voice hisses, "is here."

Alan wakes up next to his wife Alice. The ferry has almost completed its journey. They arrived in Bright Falls. Headed in this small mountain town to spend a relaxing holiday. Alan is very stressed, are two years that he can not write anything and this made him depressed and unstable. The two seem happy together. The first stop is at a bar, where Alan has an appointment with Carl Stucky, their tenant for the apartment. There she meets some strange locals who immediately recognize him. But to give him the keys is not Mr. Stucky, but an old and mysterious woman dressed as a widow who says that "Carl got sick and could not come." Dazed by the situation, Alan thanks, goes out and leaves with his wife to the rented house. At that moment, Carl Stucky out of the bathroom of the bar and tries to chase the car Wake has the keys from him.

The house in question is a cottage on Cauldron Lake. Alice and Alan settle and everything seems ready to spend a romantic holiday ... except that Alice has a "surprise" for Alan: a typewriter. Whats more, in that city, there seems to be a certain "Dr. Hartman," psychologist who specializes in cases of artists. Alice wanted to help her husband, but he goes on a rampage. She wanted to spend a quiet holiday and instead everything was programmed to do that work. Furious, leaves the house at night, sure that his wife did not accompany him, given his phobia of darkness. But Alan did not have time to calm down that something is happening inside the house. Alice screams. Alan runs and found the back door, the one that overlooks the lake, wide open. Looking out, he seems to see his wife in the water. Immediately dives.

Alan regains consciousness inside his car. Seems to have suffered a car accident, but does not remember. He has to find Alice. A dark presence permeates the place. Suddenly some locals assail him: they are owned by the same dark presence that haunted his nightmares. In addition, along the way, find the pages of a manuscript, Departure, signed by him, but he does not remember writing it. These pages show exactly what is happening. Continuing in the forest, Alan is haunted by "dark presence" and the image of the woman dressed as a widow. At the end of his journey, reaches a gas station to ask for help. Here, a calendar, finds that between the date of his arrival in Bright Falls and then went seven days. A week of emptiness. In a TV, Alan sees himself in the act of writing something in the car while compulsively raves. He finally finds the courage to call the police. To intervene is the Sheriff Sarah Breaker. To avoid that they consider crazy, avoid telling the absurd things he saw during the night and simply denounce the disappearance of his wife. But when she tells him why is Bright Falls, the sheriff makes an incredible revelation: the islet on which there is their cottage on Cauldron Lake was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 73. Not existed for 35 years.
 Episode 2: Possessed

New York, three years before. Alan and his wife in their apartment and discuss the imminent release of the new book by Alan. Suddenly there is a blackout. Alan and Alice rushes to reassure, to calm her, gives her an old laptop switch that had given him his mother when he was little to "banish the monsters after dark." Its called "Clicker".

Today: Alan finishes to see your local doctor and answer the questions of the sheriff and starts to leave when receiving a call. An unknown man is proclaimed as the kidnapper of Alice. If Alan wants to see his wife will have to be found to midnight at Lovers Peak. Alan does not want to wait a second longer. Leaving the office of the sheriff is Dr. Emil Hartman, a psychologist artists. He reveals that his entire trip to Bright Falls was a holiday organized by him and his wife to push him to be put under analysis and to overcome their own "block", therefore invites him to stay in their "structure". Alan was furious and hit him, and after this act is about to be arrested. Luckily Barry Wheeler bursts into the room, his manager, and helps him to avoid a complaint. Barry, worried because he could not contact Alan and Alice for a week, rushed to Bright Falls to see what happens. While accompanying the writer has found that housing, you tell all. Alan does, but Barry, except the part of the kidnapping of his wife, takes him out.

The night comes, and Alan Barry leaves the new cottage for the meeting. L "dark presence" was not long in coming, and now reaps a victim. This is Rusty, the local gamekeeper. L "dark presence" has attacked and seriously injured. Upon seeing Alan, asking for his help, telling him that it was true what he had read a page of a manuscript found in the woods. The writer did not have time to help him. L "dark presence" burst divelle and the wall of the hut. After a few moments, Rusty reappears in the form of possession, and Alan is forced to kill him. Horrified, he ran to the meeting place hunted by hordes of possessed.

A man emerges from the forest and tries to help. Alan does not know him, but he recognizes the voice of Alice is the kidnapper. Alan attacks him, and the man says, "I read everything", and that Alan needs an "editorial control". The condition of the kidnapper is simple: Alan brings the manuscript within two days and he returns the Alice. But Wake gets picked up by anger and struck the man, who fled into the forest. While chasing receive a call from Barry saw he s "dark presence" and is terrified. Reluctantly, he abandoned his quest to help his friend.

Suddenly a call comes in Rose, a young man. She has the manuscript. But his voice is strange. Inside the apartment of Rose there is only darkness. Next to her is the mysterious woman dressed in black. The darkness is scanning.
Episode 3: Redemption

Alan and Barry make their way to the apartment of Rose. Along the way, Barry exposes the result of some research he did on Bright Falls and Cauldron Lake. As always, the area surrounding the lake, there have been strange and disturbing phenomena. The previous inhabitants of Cauldron Lake was Thomas Zane, a well-known poet, and his mistress Barbara Jagger, both disappeared following the mysterious eruption in the seventies.

Arrived at the home of Rose, Alan and Barry realize immediately that something is wrong, but do not have time to react because the coffee they drank from her was drugged. Alan dreams of the new "dark presence" and the woman in black who says "we must finish the job," and then sees himself in the act of writing frantically to "save the life of Alice," but under the strict control the mysterious woman who apparently is taking control of his work. Alan wakes up, its night and soon will meet with the kidnapper. Runs out, but the area is surrounded by the police. To conduct the operation is the agent Nightingale, an agent FB I. whose job is to stop Wake. But his zeal seems to go very far, in fact, does not scruple to shoot against for no good reason, and in an area full of civilians. Alan manages to escape back into the forest and begins a desperate race to escape a catch which does not understand why. Suddenly the wind picks up, and a cloud of darkness haunts the forest. L "dark presence" will exterminate patrols looking for Alan with unprecedented violence, hurling into the air and destroying people, cars and helicopters. The power of "entity" is increasing.

Alan continues his nightmare journey to the meeting place. The pages of the manuscript in the meantime begin to also deal with Thomas Zane and Barbara Jagger, and how the "dark presence" had begun to look like her to get to him and his talent as a poet. The reason remains unclear. Came near the place of the meeting, Alan hears the voice of the charmer who screams with someone begs for mercy, said he had kidnapped the wife of Wake and I said that just because he hand over the manuscript. When Alan arrives saw no one, only the kidnapper on his knees, panting. Then the dark cloud bursts, sucking the kidnapper and snapping it like a twig. The shadow also attacks Alan, who previously lit a Bengal. The impetus of darkness still throws off the cliff straight into the lake. While sinking sees his wife screaming while being close to the woman with the black dress. A light. Then a hand falls into the water and draws him to safety.
Episode 4: The Truth

Alan wakes up, and on him is Dr Hartman. Saved him, and now hes taking care of. As the reassures tells him that he is a patient of its structure from a long time now, and that his hallucinations and the state of shock is due to the death of his wife. Alan does not understand, but can not say anything because it loses again the senses.

Once awakened, Dr. Hartman invites them to tour the facility with him. Along the way, Hartman tells him how all his visions of "darkness" and "shadow creatures" are just a hallucination due to his guilt over the suicide of his wife that he could not avoid. Alan is in the game, but he knows that the doctor is lying. In the structure there are many artists hospitalized disturbed. The treatment of Dr. Hartman is to encourage them to continue to produce works in order to put them in touch with your creative self. Many of them spoke, revealing memories of experiences similar to the one that is going through Alan. In particular, the Anderson brothers, two older rocker with dementia, are aimed at calling Alan "Tom", and say they like the darkness used them and then stole the memories. But before I forget, the two brothers have written what they had experienced, and have hidden all their old farm. Alan has to go there.

Suddenly unnatural darkness surrounding the villa. Patients are nervous and brothers Anderson driving a real revolt. Alan took the opportunity to escape. In trying to escape the darkness is Barry, who was imprisoned there by Hartman after being released from prison. But it is the office of Hartman comes the revelation: the pseudo-kidnapper of his wifes name was Mott and was employed by Hartman. The doctor bursts into the room and tries to calm the writer. It turns out that once was the assistant to Thomas Zane and from that time began to treat the artists who for some reason in Bright Falls lived periods of great inspiration, but then always ended up crazy (or worse). The cause is the lake of the city seems to have the power to inspire the minds and bring to pass what artists create. But there is also something dark in the water, something that has always tried to use Alan, from the beginning, and which even now invites him to join him, saying that "together could create wonderful things." Hartman wanted the manuscript. Alan is furious, and when the shadows burst into the office, get out and closes the door behind him, leaving the doctor to a horrible fate. Finally escapes along with Barry Anderson of the farm at a time.

Along the way, Alan sees a television in his image which is reproduced in the act of writing Departures. It looks like a fool. He says that the darkness has blackmailed, promising his wife in exchange for the manuscript, but that would not keep the promise. He just wanted a story to bring to pass, and that would end with his release (apparently its a prisoner of Cauldorn Lake) and also of the horrors that follow. Terrified, Alan decides to "join" the story to make possible a "happy ending", but it will be risky. Then the transmission stops.

On the farm, Alan is an old engraving: the Andersons have saved their memories of a song. The text invites the listener to "find the lady of the light gone mad in the night." Refers to Cynthia Weaver, a crazy local always carries a lantern and lives in the local power plant. Alan has to find it, but prefers to wait for the dawn, and along with Barry, get drunk with whiskey distilled from the Anderson brothers with the water of the lake. The two, drunk, fall asleep, and Alan has a vision. Sees himself the night he disappeared Alice. After swam into the lake, the woman in black (darkness with the appearance of Barbara Jagger) pulled him out and he possessed the mind. He told them that the only way I had to get it back was to write a story that she would suggest. Alan did so, and wrote a manuscript for a week thanks to which the darkness became more and more powerful. But a part of him knew what was happening, and inserted in the history of a "way out". The spirit of Thomas Zane would free him, making it impossible to finish the story. And so it happened: Zane showed itself in the form of a kind of overalls diver full of light and it does escape. The darkness, mad with rage, encompasses the island. Alan, weak, tried to escape by car, but could not and incident?, and there riperse the senses.

Alan wakes up, shocked by the revelation, but it is the agent Nightingale puntargli the gun.
Episode 5: The Clicker

Barry and Alan wake up in the local cell. Agent Nightingale breaks in and points a gun at Alan. He wants to kill him. Found the pages of the manuscript and he knows that, somehow, all the horrors that are occurring in the city are caused by him, and also read that these events will lead him to his death. Sheriff Sarah Breaker arrives and tries to stop Nightingale, but recoils in horror. Has already read this now. Did not have time to take the pages of the manuscript that a cloud of darkness coming through windows and sucks off, killing him. Alan explains to Sarah that must reach the power plant and find Cynthia Weaver. The woman agrees and asks him to accompany her to take the helicopter that will take them to their destination, but also asks Barry to stay in the office. A list of people to call and say a password: "Night Springs". They will understand.

Alan and Sarah through the city prepared for the upcoming feast of the deer and completely infested by "dark presence". The two are reunited in Barry helicopter, and at the same time to start the plant on the dam.

Cynthia Weaver welcomes Alan saying he was waiting for a long time, and that combined a mess. Cynthia Zane knew, indeed, he was in love, and witnessed what happened. Zane was in love with Barbara Jagger, but she died drowned in the lake. Then the poet, knowledge of the properties of the lake, he wrote of the resurrection of the woman. But look for easy shortcuts and betray the coherence of the story with things like a resurrection always has a price. Barbara returned in the form of a casing for the darkness. Then something happened that Cynthia did not know, and Zane disappeared along the island. But before disappearing, Cynthia Thomas gave him something to be preserved, something that could help someone against the darkness, something that will now give Alan. The object is nothing more than the Clicker, the object that his mother had given him as a child to "banish the monsters" and that three years earlier gave to Alice. In addition there is paper, written by the same Zane, where you tell the circumstances in which Alan has received particular object as a child. Zane wrote that segment of his life.
Episode 6: Departure

Alan will return to Cauldron Lake and end it all. Must find the cottage with the typewriter that still contains the sheet with the last page of the book and write his unfinished final. Want to do it alone for the risk the lives of anyone else, and, much to the chagrin of Barry, the alone to the danger. L "dark presence" does not want to bend the writer to write the ending that you want, now knows too much now just wants to kill him. The countryside is teeming with owned, and the waters of the lake, "exploding" in continuation scagliandogli against wrecks and rocks that were on the bottom. The journey is long and dangerous. Arriving at the peak where there was the island, Alan collides with a real whirlwind of darkness. After defeating him, cuddling the Clicker and throws herself into the dark waters of the lake.

Alan wakes up in the bed of his apartment in New York. Next to him is Alice who tells him that he only had a bad nightmare, but there Alan falls, the house is shrouded in darkness. Alan runs, and the figure of Alice seems to haunt him. She finally managed to find the Clicker. Presses. The light breaks through the windows and the figure of Thomas Zane, in his diving suit, comes floating in the air. He tells Alan that the entity as the body of his Barbara has no heart, and that will fill with light. Then with Alan, appears his double, identical to him, but grinning face and very reassuring. Zane calls him Mr. Scratch and says that "meet the friends of Alan when he is gone." Then the scene fades.

Alan finds himself in a place made of darkness and words made of light floating in the air and that materialize if illuminated. It is the heart of the lake. There Alan feels the quarrel between him and Alice, but it is different. From the rumors it seems that Alan has cast Alice in the lake. Is it true? Or is it a lie created by the entity dark? Then he sees Barbara Thomas Zane yell at her that "he tried to get her back, but came back" wrong "heartless." Taken from the fury, Alan stabs the woman in the chest, and then, between remorse and madness, wearing his suit diver and let darkness fall into the lake with the body of Barbara in her arms. After failing to find the cottage. Inside there is Barbara Jagger, shrouded in darkness and with a hole in his chest at heart level. Barbara tells Alan that its useless to find another body to dress, but he did not listen, the part of the hand that holds the clicker in the hole of the chest and use the switch. Barbara bursts of light and dissolves. Alan entered the studio and began to write the ending. I do not want to make the same mistake Zane, does not want to betray the coherence of the story: everything must be in balance. Alan began to write.

Alice emerges from the darkness and emerges from the lake. On the shore, shaking, calls the name of Alan. A Bright Falls is celebrating the feast of the deer. Everyone is happy. Rose is on the edge of the party that holds a lamp (the darkness made her go crazy just as Cynthia Weaver), and the darkness of a house you can see Nightingale, the new puppet of "dark presence". Meanwhile, Alan is in the darkness, a victim of the exchange that has taken to rescue his wife, and writes obsessively machine. With distorted voice says: "There is a lake ... its an ocean." You hear Alices voice say, "Alan, wake up."

After the credits displayed the phrase "The journey Alan will continue through the night."

Episode 7: The signal

Alan is trapped in the Dark Place, the world of darkness from which it comes s "dark presence" in the lake. In this mysterious place grotesque sequences Alan relives his experience in Bright Falls without remembering them lived. In this "mental loop" manages to sneak the voice of Zane. Seems to want to help. He, too, has long been a prisoner of that place, but eventually found a way to communicate with the outside world, as he did with Alan through dreams, and now can teach it to him. Leaves him a GPS telling him to follow the signal that appears above to the destination. The journey is long and winds along a confusing scenario fragments and memories that becomes increasingly ill and dangerous. Wherever the place is littered with television screens depicting the image of Alan who tells what is happening in an apocalyptic, as if Alan could not really get away from that place. Even ghostly image of Barry accompanies him telling him how everything is going through in his head. He is to make everything happen. The signal leads right to the reproduction of his old home in New York. There she meets Zane. The latter tells him that he has to fight against itself, that everything that is happening is he to make it happen and that is sinking more and more into the darkness. The self he sees on the television screen is the part of himself that he decided to give up, he wants to stop fighting against the dark abyss and let go of your imagination. To do so, create for himself fighting a reality from which it is impossible to escape. Alan goes against dozens of television screens depicting an Alan who gives life and he abandons himself to his fears, as an author who is beginning to hate his own creation. Alan manages to defeat him, but can not kill him. The voice of Alan comes from every direction, in a whirlwind of chaos and madness unquenchable. Alan faints. Hartman sees that seems to tease in repeating "its all in your head." Alan wakes up: it is still in the cottage, yet in the heart of the "dark place". Maybe theres really no escape.
Episode 8: The writer

Alan is in the garden of the clinic of Dr Hartman. His journey through the darkness is not finished yet, but time is starting to understand how the dark place. Precisely for this reason unable to putting his will to survive in some circumstances, creating escape routes and being able to connect with Thomas Zane. This tells him that he is going well, that his will might help him emerge from the darkness, but will have to fight. As we have seen in the previous episode, the Alan who is pursuing this path is a part of the interior of the true Alan, the rational and combative that must oppose the defeatist and self-destructive to surrender to the darkness. But the real Alan, his physical body is still in the cottage, and which of the two parts of himself will be able to reach it and possess it to first decide the fate of man. The "dark place" is gradually ceasing to take recognizable characteristics drawn from the memories of Alan, going more and more to describe a hallucinated reality and impossible, like a battlefield littered with "fragments of memory." But this time Alan has a goal. See the lighthouse in the distance, the same who had to reach in the dream he had had at the beginning of the story. But the self is not self-destructive not give up continuing to unfold in television screens and make the reality surrounding a death trap for Alan rational. Alan is increasingly destroyed, and asks Zane explanations: "What are these" versions of itself? "Who is Mr. Scratch? Zane is still human after spending many years in the" dark place "? Are they real?". Zane responds by saying "Youre as real as anything in this place" and urges Alan to continue.

During his career, Alan ends up in a reproduction of the study of Emil Hartman. Here attends hallucinatory psychological sitting between said psychologist and self-destructive self (displayed as a hybrid with the body of Alan and a TV as a head). In this session, you forward the idea that the best thing is to remain in the "dark place", which is nothing more than a figment of his mind, a fictional world and risky that Alan has been created to make real their inner problems and justify the lack of attention that the writer had in relation to those of his wife. Here you hear the voice of Alice, who says he hates to Alan as he made life a living hell, and that he hopes only to never see him again. The rational Alan is hurt by this possibility and the pain actually caused his beloved wife, but he knows that this is all just a trap and feels encouraged to continue his journey to salvation.

Light from the lighthouse that helps, Alan joined him and back. At the end of the stairs, Alan is a lighthouse off and a trap door that the door just in front of the cottage. Here takes the last battle with the other part of him that owns and corrupts the memory of his friends scagliandoglieli against the form of angry and held fast. Alan Hartman defeated, the brothers Anderson, Barry, and finally enters the cottage. On the ground he sees his own body of delusions. She bends over him and there is rejoining. Now Alan can act, and knows that he wants to stay in that place, nor with the mind or with the body, as did Zane instead. Removes from his typewriter the last page of Departure and inserts a new sheet, white. So he began to write a new novel called "Return", the sequel to Departure written by the great writer Alan Wake.

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