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Age of Mythology PC

Age of Mythology - PC

If you are looking for in the recent past which has been one of the most successful sagas strategic, as well as the inevitable Blizzard and Westwood, is no doubt in mind the vein of Age of Empires (with its expansions and total conversion, such as, for example, Galactic Battlegrounds). The games (especially the second chapter) could indeed to gain a good market share and a number of fans thanks to a depth of play high enough, a large number of buildings and units and a technical realization (at the time) of a certain level. On the other side of the coin is noted, however, a lack of differentiation between the different civilizations (in my opinion the most serious defect) and a plot in support of the campaign almost impalpable.

In addition, judged on current graphics engine water on all sides. I have never been a big fan of this series of games, as they always likened to a title called Starcraft, which inevitably won in all respects (in particular in the online game, where the game Blizzard is still, unsurpassed in my opinion). However, it was inevitable that, given the success of sales, was produced third chapter, well, thank goodness we have thought otherwise at this time we can not have fun with a great game like Age of Mythology ...


Satisfied, therefore, that the game is an RTS, try to understand if it manages to offer something new in the infinite universe like that. First, it changed the historical period in which the Ensemble Studios (game developers) have set Age Of Mythology: the three civilizations with which we are dealing are the Greeks, the Egyptians and the Nordics. I know that some of you are twisting the nose, with the thought in my head, but as there are only three different factions? Things are not really so: the first three people are genuinely different. Not only have units with unique characteristics (and not just a simple restyling, mainly as it did in previous games), but based on your choice of faction will have to face the game with other strategies.

For example: as in any self-respecting RTS to accomplish anything we will need resources, in Age of Mythology we have four different types: classic food, gold, wood and a most atypical "favors", which is a indicate that we have pleased the gods to us friend. To construct the buildings the Greeks and Nordics need a certain quantity of wood, while the Egyptians to make it less; you understand how, in this way the Egyptians will engage a lower number of binders for wood and set the game otherwise. Another prime example of the difference between the races is the way you win the favor of the gods: the Greeks need to send the bins in worship in the temple, will be more worshipers, the faster you will create the favor.

The Egyptians, however, obtained for building religious monuments: the higher their number (which in any case may not exceed a certain limit), the more the favor granted by the gods. Finally, the Nordics, in tune with the legends of courage and violence of these people, please buy fighting and raiding villages. But whats this blessed (its appropriate to say) please? Basically you get the divine improvements for your civilization (for example, increase the efficiency of collectors, or increase the defense capabilities of the buildings) and to "buy" the mythological units in the temples (building of importance). These are units (mainly military), typical of each race, with characteristics far superior to those of humans, also equipped with special attacks can greatly damage the opponents, among the many mythological units I mention just a few: Medusa, can to shoot arrows and petrify enemies, the frost giant fists devastating and chilling breath, the Mummy, able to transform challengers in his servants, the many-headed Hydra that grow based on the number of opponents killed .. .

Clearly, as the mythological units cost a lot, your army can not only be composed of these: there are, therefore, the normal human units (such as archers, shooters ax, hoplites), these features for each faction that will be used to swell the ranks of your troops. It still unclear how a group of mythological units of a certain level can annihilate handpieces of soldiers far more numerous. The mythological units have only one drawback (besides the price): can not stand the heroes!

These are special soldiers (recognizable because they exude an aura particular) can eliminate the monsters fairly quickly obtained thanks to the gods, the heroes also have differences between civilizations such as the Egyptians priests (in addition to the Pharaoh who is a fundamental unit for this people), individually not very strong but may be in large numbers since there are no limits, while the Greeks heroes individually stronger, but limited in number since it can exist only one type of hero at a time.

The Achilles heel of the heroes are the unit normal human: these, in fact, manage to eliminate the heroes more easily. From all this talk we understand how important a good balance of different types of units in the armed forces, to get the win.
Back to the problem of differentiation: So far we have talked generally about divinities. Actually needs to be a distinction between major gods and lesser deities. Every nation has a choice of a deity greater of three options, take the case of the Greeks: the will of Zeus, Poseidon and Hades. The selection of a chief god determines certain characteristics of your people: for example, Zeus your people get the favors faster, also the maximum number of benefit will be two hundred (while all other populations have a hundred), with Poseidons horses cost less, the use of markets will be cheaper and fishing vessels will be faster. With Hades instead the buildings will be more resistant to shock and archers and buildings stronger in attack.

Similarly, there will be differences for the major gods Egyptian (Ra, Isis and Set) and northern (Odin, Thor and Loki). Not enough there are also lesser deities. Do you remember the concept of technological progress also in the other episodes? Basically it was to construct a number of buildings in order to have the possibility to move to the next technological level (at the price of a certain amount of resources): the passage allowed the construction of new units, new buildings and the development of new improvements. Even in Age of Mythology are the technological advancements in four levels: the Archaic, the Classical Age, the Heroic Age and the Age myth. The new feature is that, at each level up, you choose which minor deity worship, a choice that will affect the new units and new improvements that you can develop. For example, assume control of the Greeks in the transition to the Age Classical Heroic Age you choose whether or worship Hephaestus Hera.

The first will give you the legendary Colossus as a unit, as a divine power Abundance (constant influx of resources) and beneficherà armor and weapons. The second will give you the Medusa and the Carcinos (a sea monster), the divine power will be the Lightning Storm and beneficherà buildings and mythical units. For every people there are nine children, doing the math on the various combinations of major and minor gods you understand how, in reality, there is much more choice and differentiation in this final chapter of the saga that in the background.

There are various game modes in single player: first of all is the campaign (if you want preceded by a short tutorial). The campaign consists of more than thirty missions and can be taken in four difficulty levels selectable for single mission, is divided into three parts: one for each faction to face necessarily consecutively. You will begin to command the greek people, having as only hero that Arkantos, the story will develop slowly (even bringing in live situations such as the Trojan War and its conquest of the city thanks to the wooden horse) and see how your enemy actually is the Cyclops Gargarensis.

To hunt him until you arrive in Egypt, where the Egyptians shall command and meet other heroes, and even in the Nordic territories (and that part of the country). Im deliberately taking the generic for not spoil the pleasure of discovering the story. In addition to this you will be able to organize matches in skirmish, fully customizable with up to eleven computer players. Depending on the type of game you choose will change the final goal to achieve victory.
Ensemble Studios have, then, a lot of effort to make a multiplayer support appropriate to the quality of the game was even implemented a combination of players that automatically searches for opponents that match our preferences (of course it can also be disabled); èensate that if, for example, can not find players at our level, but only much stronger, the game will automatically generate a handicap in our favor. Everything is organized well by using a chat system to find players simply styled Battle Net

But the game has made ​​the lifting, or we will continue to bear the classic isometric treddì states that it deserves to be buried? The answer is yes: for Age of Mythology was created a new graphic engine with all the trappings and the quality can also be seen at first glance. Although it is graphic styles, and different representations of the visual appearance of this title has really nothing to envy to the noble Warcraft III: try to see, for example, was depicted as the sea that breaks the beach, the smoke, the flames , or the play of light on the special abilities of heroes and mythical units and tell me if you disagree.

It is not, then, only technical expertise, but also quality in design: each unit has its own distinct personality, making them anything but anonymous. The engine can then rotate the camera to choose you the one that suits you and to customize various other things so you can play it on your non-powerful. There is, in fact, to say that it is not too demanding on my Athlon 900 MHz, 384 MB RAM and Radeon 64MB of first generation can play at a resolution of 1024 * 768 with some uncertainty only in the most confusing .

Same care has been taken in the appearance sound, creating a veritable soundtrack of all respect, the main theme seems to be taken from an Indiana Jones movie ... In fact, the number of music that run in the game is not high, but I have not disabled the music, even the pleasant listening, a sign that is not boring but discreetly enters the game doing what they should do, that is the accompaniment to the game. It seems to have been made into a system that would change the type of music in dangerous situations (going to a bit more excited), but they are well able to understand the operation, because it misses the mark more often than not activating in situations where it should and vice versa. For the rest, we have the usual collection of items, and vocette little voices for the various units, some of the most successful, others less, but overall adequate level. The originality lies in having used the original languages ​​of the various peoples.
Last note regarding stability: Unlike operating systems, Microsoft has managed to produce a game that you do not plan ever. Ahhh, if the Windows programmers would take example from those who create games ...


It s inevitable that when you go to a strategic review in real time you make comparisons with the leader of the market at the present time, it is certainly Warcraft III. I already know to write something that might seem exaggerated to fans of Blizzard title, but in single player, Age of Mythology is not less than the orcs game under any point of view, I will say more: having played both products, I finally have more fun with the game weblog Microsoft. I admit it: Im one of those people who has not digested the introduction of the mechanism of upkeep, but other than that, Age of Mythology shines more for their own merits demerits for that of others, in fact raised to the square of the good things that seen in the early chapters of the series, being able to enthuse greatly even someone like me, in fact, had never been a supporter of the saga.

First of all, at last, a title not Blizzard has managed to pull off a great campaign, with an intriguing storyline that connects all the missions, leaving her crushed: from this point of view, Warcraft III is still a step higher mainly due to be the constant of a story begun in Warcraft II (hence the curiosity about how it ends plays an important role) and thanks to the movies (which are really on another level i have never seen on a computer that kind of stuff) . That said the story of Age of Mythology looks good, so its probably the best of all those relating to RTS capitatimi a bit of time now.

But the real game? Well, its great. Finally we have an artificial intelligence that does not conflict with the name, this means that, for example, playing it on the third or fourth level of difficulty, the title takes no more irrelevant. The possibility of change, then, the level of difficulty in the campaign you will also avoid the quagmire in some sections particularly difficult. The mission, then, they are able to present a few crumbs of innovation: in one, for example, the two heroes Ajax and Arkantos will be transformed by Circe in boars and will recover Ulysses and his entire crew were finished worse, that pigs become .
We speak of the special units (an aspect that I particularly like these games) are more than thirty possible.

In short, taking into account the new features for the major and minor gods, with regard to the variety there is nothing to say, considering the other differences in breeds (a concept that, for me, has found its highest expression in Starcraft ). Time, then, it is slightly raised compared to the other games in the series, and this can only be a good thing, but maintaining depth of play and an equally high strategic impact. If I had to find him a defect, it would be the mechanism of pathfinding is not very advanced, but hopefully will be remedied in some future patch.

Separate mention the multiplayer, for which, as I said, I think Starcraft is still unsurpassed: it is obviously too early to judge such a game in multiplayer. Surely, as was the case for the Blizzard game, it will take a long series of patches and time to find the right balance between the various factions, providing fun games. At first glance it seems, for example, that the Greek mythical units are the strongest of all; precisely to counter this the Nordics and the Egyptians have an unlimited number of heroes. Ensemble Studios are, therefore, been careful from the beginning to ensure the right balances.

Perhaps, the most difficult people, at least initially, to be controlled are the Nordics, due to the fact that purchase favor fighting: it is given, therefore, an especially aggressive in this faction making them ideal for a game of attack, a bit as were the Zerg in Starcraft.
But in the end this title or Blizzard? If the multiplayer takes off, I recommend this; suggest otherwise get on your personal taste, considering they are both masterpieces that deserve to end up in your playroom.


Gentlemen, has arrived! Not been completely convinced by Warcraft III, still looking for an RTS to satisfy my greed for power and conquest, able to make me aside for a while time Starcraft: Ensemble Studios have been kind enough to create Age of Mythology, followed the various Age of Empires. Forget, however, the first two chapters: there are so many improvements to convince me that Ive never been a big fan of the saga. We have: a good graphics engine, a soundtrack worthy of the name, a strategic depth increased compared to previous episodes (thanks to the introduction of a greater degree of differentiation of the factions), a large variety of special units. If not enough, add in a single-player longevity granite (also about a good story), and a multiplayer that if I do not anticipate evil, and if they are balanced factions, will become the reference point for the RTS line from here to a long time. In short, as in life you have to make choices, if you are wondering what to buy between Warcraft III or this, I will answer this. The king is dead, long live the king!

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