Sunday, June 2, 2013


Wanna help control the content of this site, and keep me on my toes?   Heres how!

As a part of my New Years Resolution for this site, I present to you the list of unplayed games that I currently own.  I would like my readers to pick or suggest what game I play and review next!  If I dont have any suggestions, Ill pick whatever sounds like fun at the time.   Please send in your suggestions, or Ill never get off my ass and work on this blog; Ill just sit and play Minecraft all day.  Keep me on my toes, people!

If theres something youd like me to play and review that isnt on the list, I will try to acquire a copy of the game, or you can always contribute to the cause by gifting it to me on Steam.  Cause Im a greedy bastard.

All suggestions and messages can be sent to me at

List Of Unplayed Games

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