Thursday, June 6, 2013

Inferno Pool PS3 Review

I really like pool. I stink at it in real life, but I enjoy it all the same. I have been playing a lot of different versions of pool online in places like Yahoo! Games over the years, and while the product is fairly simple, it is generally entertaining.

This was another PlayStation Plus from quite some time ago. I think it is worth mentioning that while all of these tiny freebies were all well and good, the quality of games offered by PlayStation Plus has gotten much better over the last year or so.

Moving on, I had hopes that an actual console game of pool would come equipped with more modes and depth than what you generally get from the online Flash games. Sadly, Inferno Pool fails to be much more than that. There are a few twists like Inferno Mode that tries to vary things up, but it does not really help. You can play either or nine ball, and there are some multiplayer options out there, but good luck finding anyone to play with. I had trouble when I first got this game, and when I fired it up again recently, there might as well have been virtual tumbleweeds blowing by, because no one was around.

Sadly, the sound and music are both really, really poor. The graphics actually do fare a bit better, and is certainly a step up from online games of pool you might play from your browser on a PC - but that is really about the only area this game succeeds over those free options that have more people playing them.

With some of the PlayStation Plus games I got at the time, I had low to no expectations. Games like Mahjong and Rocket-Cars were at least relative surprises. I had hopes for something a bit deeper here, like more games or even a player/career mode to keep me invested longer, but Inferno Pool let me down on that front. The multiplayer was a good idea, but without a community to support it, it falls flat on its face.

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