Monday, May 13, 2013

Trine PC Game Review

I remember when Trine came out for the PC originally.  The graphics really struck a positive note with me, but I recall thinking it seemed a bit expensive at the time so I passed on it.  Then some time later, I acquired it as part of a larger download package, having completely forgotten about the title until this time.  The idea behind Trine is not exactly new - it is a 2D adventure game set in a fantastical world where your mage, thief and warrior use their abilities to get you through the various levels.  There are some twists though, as there will be times you need to use a particular character to get through a puzzle, and you can switch characters as needed.  There is also an option for multiplayer.

Graphics - 8:

I know this game is a bit older, but the visuals are bright, colorful and really resonate with me.  There are subtle animations and color/lighting effects that just cause the scenes to jump to life on the screen, making it one of the prettier fantasy games I have played to date.