Sunday, May 26, 2013

Random blogging thoughts

Nothing special here, just randomly started to tweak my layout a bit today, then decided I hated the idea of doing THAT much re-tweaking.  I went with a new, slightly light-themed banner at the top with more recent games I had been playing.  Then, I thought about trying to change around the blog itself.  Not hugely, but something lighter in color scheme. I started dabbling with images:

And after fiddling around with that base image, adding some fade, figuring out exactly where to code in the change in background... well, I was left with a dark banner, with a dark main body with light text that just looked grossly out of place against this lighter-toned background image. 

And the downside to the major retooling of the blog I did a couple of months ago, is all of this stuff like the outlining, the boxes, the shading is htmld in, not quick switch and swap template items.  Maybe eventually Ill get around to coming up with 3 or 4 seasonal designs and save them out for rotation or something, but for now?  Just not going to happen.  But maybe in a week or two if I get bored and have a few minutes to spare.  Have yourselves a good one!

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