Thursday, May 23, 2013

PC Angry Birds Space review

Whether you like gaming on your phone or gaming on your computer, the new expansion of Angry Birds: Space is a must have for any Angry Birds fan. Angry Birds is one of the biggest casual-arcade games to come out as an application for a phone, like the iPhone or Android. Angry Birds is a physic-based game where you have to shoot the “birds” out of a slingshot in order to kill the pigs that inhabit the land.
Angry Birds: Space takes you into the new levels which are based around space. This brings a whole new challenging aspect of the genre. The new space expansion brings you six new birds to use: The Original, The Three-Shot, the Boomerang, the Bomb, The Freezer, and the Big Crush (these are my original names for them). What makes this all difficult is the gravitational pull which can alter how your bird moves.
The gravitation pull

The circular bubble around the planet is the gravitational pull, which can make the birds go around the planet. This can make some things very interesting or very difficult.
The many birds as listed above can do many things and can help on many tasks. The Original bird is the same old red bird that we know from the original series. The Three-Shot bird, when clicked on while after launch, can split into 3 smaller birds. The Boomerang can be homed at place you click after launch. The Bomb can blow stuff up when you click on him. The Freezer can freeze an area and make it very easy to break through objects. The Big Crush can move through a lot of objects easily.

The Birds. From Right to Left; Three-Shot, Bomb, Original, Boomerang, Big Crush, The Freezer.

There are four areas (one is also labeled: Coming Soon), each with about 30 levels and one boss fight at the end. The fourth area is actually a minigame area, with two minigames. One is Asteroids, where you send The Bomb to blow up the ship with Asteroids blocking your path.
The other is kind of like Mario, I want to say. You have two birds, The Original and The Three-Shot. You have to find the pig in one of the blocks and then send The Three-Shot to kill the pig as it moves across the board.

The Mario-like game!
With about 90 levels, this game is a great way to waste time and to have fun. Angry Birds: Space is a great game put out by Ravio. There is also a Satellite in the sky in between Area 1 and Area 2 which asks you if you want to learn more about Space and NASA which is really neat.
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The Scores:
Sound/Audio: 3/10. I can barely hear the audio and sounds. It’s nothing great anyways.
Gameplay/Story: 6/10. The Gameplay is casual, but fun. It comes with a story as well, when you beat the bosses at the end of an Area a comic will appear.
Graphics/Scenery: 5/10. Nothing fancy for graphics. Some of the levels are great and are hard though.

Overall: 7/10. I don’t really fancy games like these, but it was fun to play.

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