Wednesday, May 15, 2013


So Id be shocked if anyones reading this anymore.  My life has become a rollercoaster of chaos, as has Ryans (my cohort with the North-South Geek Show).  We keep promising "This isnt dead!" and then not following through.  Its not for lack of trying, and not for lack of wanting to, we just cant make our schedules mesh due to the complications of Real Life.  When Im free, hes working, and vice versa.  

So for now I am focusing on this blog, something I havent done much of lately.   I have made a commitment to myself.   Like many PC gamers who have Steam, I have a terrible habit of buying a bunch of games when they are discounted, and then never playing them.   I have well over 200 games on my list, and have only actually played maybe 1/4th of them.   So each week, most likely on a Monday, I will play a new game, and I will do a preliminary review of it on Tuesday, and a follow-up review along with the next game on the following Tuesday.

These wont all be hot new games, or AAA titles.  Some might be much older games.  Some could be indie titles.  Some could be AAA titles a few months late.  Im kind of broke, so realistically the only way I can do AAA titles right away would be if it was something I was really chomping at the bit to play (like the upcoming Bioshock: Infinite or GTA V).  There could be some console games in there, but to be perfectly honest, Im like 90% a PC gamer.  

Either way, a weekly schedule will keep me going on this blog, and itll give me an excuse to chew through all of those unplayed games I paid hard-earned money for!

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