Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Split Second


Split / Second is a racing game in which the Black Rock Studios return to be talked about after the excellent results obtained with Pure (Disney Interactive Studios). In fact, between simulation and arcade, the genre is experiencing a period after all flourishing, with trials of various kinds (see the recent case of FUEL), accompanying projects classics.

With this new project, the ambitions of the developers are the ones to go much further: Split / Second is in fact like a title from the great originality and that, while taking a cue from other competitors (the famous BurnOut, but also the less well known both for Death Race give two examples), there is immediately on another level, from the plot.

This, while not covering usually crucial in racing games, turns out to be quite interesting in this case, since it sees the player in the shoes of a competitor in a unique reality show. In this highly original television program, participants must run along the streets of big cities specially reconstructed, giving himself battle so as to reach the finish line first. Just to overwhelm the opponent and take home the prize money, everything is permitted.

These premises are inserted then in a game system was completely consecrated to the spirit arcade, starting with the implementation of checks: brake and accelerator are, in essence, the only options available, supported by two other keys with which you can activate special and devastating power-ups.

These are unlocked by filling the now-classic energy bar and differ in effectiveness in two different levels, so you will obviously need to fill in different measure the energy bar. If using the powers of first level I can annoy and slow down the other players (controlled by the CPU or friends in meat edossa, given the announced support of a multiplayer mode), instead of having patience to unlock the second level will be possible to create devastation never before seen in a racing game.

Looking more closely at the details, you can blow up whole sections of the runway, collapsing walls, exploding gas pumps or even activating explosives can tear down a bridge, blocking the way to the opponents. In the most fortunate cases will even be possible to activate devastating chain reactions, changing the appearance of the path itself and getting rid once and for all the followers!

The developers of Split / Second are working hard on two crucial aspects for the success of all: the physics engine and graphics. As to the first, the first rumors it seems that the work is excellent, with paths freely destructible and can react realistically to explosions and incursions by various players.

With regard then the look and feel, the material released showed a work of good workmanship: the cars are made with great care of details and are all "original" not being present on any vehicle license.

The same is true for paths, cared for in looks and rich in detail on the track, however, largely intended to be devastated by the passage of competitors. The aspect on which there may be some concern relates instead to the fluidity of course essential in order to keep the game playable and high adrenaline, but it is too early to draw conslusioni.

Beyond any technical consideration, is the gameplay to emerge from Split / Second, providing an interesting mix between road racing and utter devastation. The goal still remains the first to reach the finish line. Improvisation and tactics are then merged in a production of more adrenaline than ever and definitely be able to keep eagerly waiting fans of the genre.

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