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Saints Row The Third

Saints Row: The Third
Founded in 2006 on Xbox 360, the series that now bears debut for Saints Row: The Third has been distinguished for his desire to exaggerate. Go beyond those boundaries already considered excessive by the beloved, yet criticized GTA: San Andreas, from where Saints Row has traced much of the play structure, trying to present itself as the alternative to the series Rockstar Games.

Over time, especially with the release of Saints Row 2 and Saints Row today: The Third, developer Volition has noted a very different concept, difficult to identify in a simple effective alternative to Grand Theft Auto, which now seems have taken a more mature way from San Andreas. Perhaps the alternative saucy, fun, unique, exaggerated, crazy. Or more simply, born to the video game Saints Row.

Saints Row: The Third does not know the rules, or impose limits to its hype. This is a title to be taken for what it is: a lighthearted action game GTA-like (but do not call clone would be an injustice) that requires the player to only play with carefree, with a thousand absurd possibilities offered by the play structure. Therefore useless to dwell on the plot. Just know that apparterrete the criminal gang of Saints, forced for years after dominating the scenes of the fictional city where criminals are set the events of the game rises to the top of the standings. How? Gaining fame and respect.

Fame and respect. Two values ​​that will win over the various sub-tasks and missions that the city has to offer. Of course, the more exaggerated will be an action, the greater the respect earned by rival gangs and, sarcastically, by civilians (imagine having a bank robbery ... and then sign autographs for the hostages excited!) And police.

Created his own alter ego, it is launched in the myriad of missions all characterized by a lowest common denominator: madness and pure fun. The different activities you can undertake in the course of history can never exactly be called mere formality or something that properly falls within the norm. In Saints Row: The Third round is deliberately shamelessly exaggerated.

From surfing on the roofs of vehicles with the hilarious insurance fraud, to the use of a dildo as a weapon improperly. Believe us, however, is only the tip of the iceberg of fun and insane madness that Saints Row: The Third is able to offer and here we see the great merits of the developer.

The basic play structure does not therefore offer nothing new. It is not a clone of Grand Theft Auto, we said, but it is objectively very similar. The player is allowed to run far and off the streets of the city, with the ability to freely unleash its fury on pedestrians and motorists, or to participate in the activities described above or to continue the plot through the main missions. This is where Saints Row: The Third triumphs.

Such a product is, needless to say, at the risk of boredom and repetitiveness. But doubts are soon swept away the day before as soon as you complete more or less, the third or fourth main quest. Volition has been able to study a level design for the same incredibly variable, can never to bore the player and push on without pausing. The trick is to use, almost trite to say, zany humor from every pore revealed the production, along with a clever use of scripts, camera angles and tricks from Hollywood movies that can make any extreme situation.

You find yourself suddenly parachuted from a plane or a crazy car chase. Very difficult if not impossible to get bored. Saints Row: The Third has the ability to be a pure fun from beginning to end, although some might turn up their noses at situations that are probably excessively over the top.

And then what? Then there is a whole world to unravel. The present vehicles with which you can run around in the city are many and absurd, since you can go from just a car to a military jet, up to aircraft and other means of transport that seem straight out of a Japanese cartoon.

It does not end here. To complete the offer to play Saints Row: The Third there are the inevitable weapons, which besides being of high numbers, so are quality, since for each one you will improve over the various features of the game. Weapons and vehicles share the philosophy that the rest arcade in every aspect of the game. Perhaps too arcade (going to ruin, therefore, the identity between the various weapons and vehicles, making it too similar between the different models), but expect a minimum of realism on a product like Saints Row would be a bit pretentious.

Saints Row: The Third does not miss the online multiplayer of course. Nothing too elaborate, just because a co-op for two people (local or network) to make valid this possibility. In the company of a friend, take part in missions or tasks is even more fun, giving way to develop a certain fantasy of how to solve intricate cooperative situations.

If desired, the pair of players can face mode Gross (yes, its clear and witty wanted the reference to the Horde in Gears of War), in which one must survive the enemy waves happens using any weapon at hand. And when we say any, really mean anything.

Therefore difficult to speak of real flaws in Saints Row: The Third, except for a basic play structure unchanged and that little problem of identity for weapons and vehicles mentioned in the previous paragraph. If anything, we can safely say that the weakness of the entire production is represented by the graphics engine, which remained unchanged from that already not too exciting than previous chapters.

Environments quite large and well detailed polygonal models are opposed because of the various characters at all satisfactory and animated in a way just enough. Add to that a framerate that wobbles (console) in the most excited, along with a series of low-res textures and other details taken care of much less than the rest. In fact positive for the hand and the various lighting effects applied on the streets and buildings of the fictional metropolis. Great sound, supported by a dubbing of a good standard and excellent choice of music for radio transmissions inherited from GTA.

We are happy to be able to define Saints Row: The Third as the real surprise of this fall 2011. Inseritosi between classic blockbuster end of the year, the latest in home Volition reveals the more entertaining (if not the most fun ever) seen titles in this period and in general in 2011. It has no great pretensions, but to give the keys in your hand and invite them simply to have fun without worries. If you please.

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