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Mafia II

Mafia II

Developed by 2K Czech production behind 2K Games, Mafia 2 comes on the market, carrying on his shoulders the weight of an institutional brand that made history. Waited for many years by fans with trepidation, this sequel is born with the simple premise of not having to meet very high expectations, or be the Gangster Game definitive (or at least a title that is able to represent Cosa Nostra as GTA IV did with urban crime modern).

Lets be clear from the outset a fundamental fact: in the face of the noble intentions of its developers, Mafia 2 is missing, unfortunately, both of these goals, merely represent "only" a pleasant historical variant on the concept of Open World to criminal background. Removing the tooth, now we just have to delve in the analysis of the project and find out the reasons for this lack of success.

Unraveling in a period between 1943 and 1955, Mafia 2 revolves almost entirely around the epic crime of the young Vito Scaletta, the new face of the Cosa Nostra, in a fictional American city fought over by several families of Honour. During the brutal career that will transform it from a simple kid feared Don, he will be able to deal with every clich? just the environment that surrounds it, which, translated in terms of gameplay, it means: shooting, fist fights, settling scores, car chases and any other applicable wickedness linked to this kind of activity.

Your point of view and narrative context, we are certainly in front of a work well cared for and well structured: dialogues, characters and setting can in fact to fully capture the atmosphere of the Mafia-Movies most celebrated, giving the moments of lovers total satisfaction. The strength of its inflections of Sicily, the Italian dubbing of support to all that is not fully enhance these qualities to the point that, without exaggeration, we believe that this element represents one of the greatest strengths of the game.

As cloth, adventure play area is developing along very wide - the only metropolis occupies 26 km2 virtual - within which you can wander in search of stores, but little else (fun, but for them same, the center pages of Playboy vintage).

To cover the gap, you can rely on the support of about 50 different vehicles, many of which are inspired by the most popular cars of the era, and it is almost needless to reiterate that the Vito can enjoy good steal, sfasciarle, collect them and customize them.

In the face of so much freedom, the city does not offer, however, some kind of alternative to the Main Quest. As a result, forget the thrill of shooting at random, as in any Red Dead Redemption: run the risk of boring or, even worse, end up a victim of limited artificial intelligence subservient to the management of pedestrians, motorists and cops! In this sense, it is really disheartening to note how easy it is to invest through, get involved in childish accidents and therefore trigger an uproar, with lots of police in hot pursuit, only to be out of the driveway ...

Things, fortunately, improve during firefights and chases related to tramna, where the opponents are at least more clever. Nevertheless, both sequences of game are in any case limits vitiated by technical-structural evident that compromise the effectiveness sometimes. If in a racing car, these smudges are revealed mainly in occasional drops in frame rate and unpleasant episodes of tearing, things get even more complex in terms of the shootings ... In addition to suffering the effects of a tracking system rather jerky and inaccurate, it is rare to see annoying blunders made by physical order: shoot the leg of one henchman and watch him die on the spot as if it had not hit back, For example, the maximum ... Especially when you consider, however, the care taken by the developers to the representation of the impact of bullets and the elements of the scenarios.

Luckily, then, that at least one valid roofing system to intervene promptly to put a patch on the leaks more obvious, although the need for further finishing is however evident.

From a purely visual point of view, Mafia 2 gets along with a certain style, displaying vivid textures, scenes very clean and a coefficient of detail generally above average bond matrix Open World. By contrast, as the play of light, reflections and effects of management boundary certainly contribute to exacerbate the positive impact stage, you may experience some "woodiness" in the main routine of animation, such as those related to the movements of the hero . Which, added to the occasional penetrations of polygons and venial bug boundary, ends up slightly dampen the enthusiasm of the spectator / player ...

In the light of what has been said, would at this point almost obligatory to refer to Mafia 2 as a bitter disappointment, but would be too ungenerous. Although burdened by structural limits and without a multiplayer mode that prolongs longevity factor orbiting around 12 hours total, Mafia 2 can in each case to provide a gaming experience, on the whole, pleasant, provided you do not make improper comparisons with the two hit Rockstar.

Mafia 2 carves out a decent space in the category of action, at least while stealing the discrete Godfather 2 EA of the title of best virtual representation of Cosa Nostra on consoles and PC.

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