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LUXOR 5th Passage

LUXOR 5th Passage
Game description:

Set is not able to destroy Osiris and take his kingdom, but it captures a moment when the new attack power of the kingdom is transferred to Horus. His servants flood of United and the Egyptians are overwhelmed in the ensuing chaos. Horus, a great protector and warrior, hand-picks to join him in this final battle. Stand with Horus and rid the kingdom of this threat once and for all. Pass the shooter to fire colored spheres against the chain of advancing in 100 dazzling levels as the temple of Karnak and the port of Alexandria. Use the great power-ups including four new ones such as the Double Shooter and the black hole, besides the introduction of the eye of Horus, a desperate effort to eliminate all the balls. Unlock 20 achievements, verify the accuracy Blast brand new mode and play through 15 levels of your favorite past-mode popular choice. With four difficulty levels, 25 new backgrounds and pathways, and a ton of marble-shooting madness, this non-stop barrage of fun is sure to test your skills.

Exclusive Review:

Egyptian myths, legends, stories are any, are now part of their culture, a culture and stories about his past that just can not get enough. The fact that the supreme deity are fighting among themselves and with all their power sounds pretty attractive. Although the story sounds quite attractive with Horus against Seth standing now, the only way to help in this battle is playing Luxor. Luxor is back, probably better than ever, but it is up to each player to have his own opinion, I am here to give facts and to tell you that the game is really good. The structure of games is still the same, but the additions that are added to give new life to the game, making it more interesting and more playable. When the game starts you get a brief introduction about what happened in the meantime and the threats they are facing now and should be free.

These facts are mentioned at the beginning of the game and after you lose all traces of history, but that was not a big problem for me, as the game itself interests me all the time. The game like that has remained virtually the same. Many players saw similarities with the game Zuma, and those of you who have not Luxor learns to be a match 3 game with a push of graphic serious when put in a nutshell. Youll be shooting the balls that are connected to each other, and it is up to create the match 3 or more to prevent them from reaching their goal. The balls are constantly moving and added others and, of course, you must get rid of them all. The premise of the game changes constantly, and gets more difficult with the development of the game. Depending on which level of experience are, you will pick-off one of the four levels of difficulty which are indicated, with the difficulty of Insane as the one best difficilee only those bravest. But in addition to courage that you have to think and develop strategies that will narrow the situations and c is a better way for this, then using power-ups.

Preferred as the ball and the electric fireball make a comeback, but now theres a black hole that absorbs any balls around it and an update that allows you to fire two bullets at a time. I am also a special one, it could be, at times, the last hope, the eye of Horus. This power is the ace as a server to clear all the balls in the game. All these power-ups are adding the extra kick that makes the game move forward feeling fresh all the time. But this is not the only thing that makes it so good. The game has different modes within it. The Adventure (main mode) consists of 100 levels to be finished, and here is the Luxor that everybody has seen and purchased used. The stages are divided into several sections, each ending with an all-new bonus. The new mode is the mode explosion where you are given two minutes to collect as many points as you can.

Another way that especially the veterans of the game might get attached, is how the peoples choice. Here it is played with fifteen levels that have been selected as the best from previous games giving you a little flashback to the previous games and their themes and levels. The developers have tried to introduce something new into play as a minigame in which strike to HOG. S because the bonus games are introduced in adventure mode, where you can peaks instead of balls, the goal is to clear all the balls in the input. If you think you have enough, and you do not particularly like there are 20 different achievements to fulfill. Only the graphics giochimantenere getting better and better with each new release. The Egyptian theme was developed so that every part of the screen is filled with well-made effect. But the things that will surely take your breath away are certainly the power-ups and how they are used and shown in the game. The effect of power-ups combined with 25 new backgrounds and pathways can just leave it flat-heart with the details of high seen in the game. This is not a new Luxor. Although the theme has changed and there are a couple of new things to see and play too, is still the same game, but for now it does not represent a problem as long as the game developers keep introducing new content the game and refreshing, with each new release.

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