Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet 2
All in Lost Planet 2, since the Spartans game menu, it is clearly aimed at an approach to online gaming. Even mode starts companion, normally devoted to a solitary experience, the options need to select the type of connection, after the creation of a game, which can take part in up to three other players controlled by Intelligence Artificial Intelligence (in case you decide Despite everything, you want to play alone). Also, playing in single, it still ends up in a classic waiting room, complete with a counter that indicates the seconds remaining at the beginning of the game session.

It is immediately obvious, then, that Lost Planet 2 is not the most enjoyable if you do not have an Internet connection. A limit that developers have bravely chose to ignore, to give players a title original setting, but dramatically without biting at the level of pure empathy, dictated by canons of classical narrative.

Lost Planet 2, it hurts to admit it, is by its very nature a bit anonymous defect which, thankfully, has nothing to do with the gameplay, more frantic and addictive, but unmistakably an end in itself.

The combat system has been revised, if we want to, weighed, given that some of the dynamics will no longer be automatic as the administration of Thermal Energy (assigned to pressing a specific key) or the boot sequence of Mech, which provides for even an intermediate stage stall once it has got on the medium, requiring the pressure of an additional key for the activation power. Much more complex are also clashes with the Akrid, much more aggressive and more gigantic.

New feature is undoubtedly the introduction of a bar battle that identifies the points available to the entire team membership, upon expiry of which we can no longer continue to fight ... Every death of a team member is a modest loss of points. Also in addition to this particular game system is the obvious underlying philosophy multiplayer that encourages team work constantly, maintaining a consciousness of the whole and not an individualistic approach to the proposed missions.

Always present the data stations can be activated more quickly, in collaboration with peers, important to gain access to topographic data (available via PDA), but above all necessary to get new bases respawn and bonus points that go to increase the bar battle, increasing the autonomy of the whole team in combat.

By accessing, however, the online mode you discover the soul of competitive Lost Planet 2, given a choice between Classified Matches, matches and Private Matches in factions, true pillars of the game.

A maximum of 16 players can battle according to different game rules: Elimination, Team Elimination, Steal stations. Factions in the game lets you choose one of five groups (Rounders, Fight Junkies, Elite Pirates of the snow, Special Forces NEVEC and Femmes Fatales), carrying out a series of games whose score will be counted within a week, decreeing the winning side worldwide.

Each game session allows you to earn experience points and unlock new items constantly customization for your alter ego, starting from pre-designed templates (among which, initially, Albert Wesker and Frank West). The level of customization is impressive, allowing you to edit in detail the appearance of the character, but also the arsenal supplied and complex gestural system (consisting of eight different types of signals, called up by the combined pressure of specific keys). The customization also provides slots to be awarded special skills, useful in making your own unique fighting style.

Lost Planet 2 is based on revision 2.0 of the versatile MT Framework graphics engine from Capcom. The quality of production is technically superior to the first Lost Planet, showing a rain of visual effects in real time with great visual impact.

Unfortunately, the lack of a targeted characterization of the protagonist in some way affects the yield of the faces, all fairly anonymous and not very detailed, except for the cameo of famous people from other series.

The environments are always rich in detail and allow a level of interaction and destruction of significant contextual elements. Too bad for the long standing problem of tearing (which often shows on the Xbox 360, the games based on MT Framework) that can be solved only by making compromises with the video output of the console.

The epic soundtrack and the rich English dubbing, flanked by an impeccable Italian localization of texts, crowning an overall more than satisfactory.

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