Thursday, April 4, 2013

Heartwild TM Solitaire Book Two

Heartwild(TM) Solitaire: Book Two
Game description:

Immerse yourself in Heartwild Solitaire novel: Book two, the second story of rewarding series of paper. Blinkys life is rapidly falling after being rejected by his secret lover and betrayed by his employer for a long time. His whole world has changed, leaving nothing to give her comfort, except for reading Tarot cards for guidance. Help to find his way again as you dip into a weft of gorgeous new four possible endings Binky. Play through 280 levels of solitaire and then create their lot with a level editor for more fun. Making of paper matches, collecting bonus points for sequential matching, and gather unique level change at each power-up. With the random placement of paper, each level will play differently every time! Heartwild Solitaire Game: Book two free with the demo version or download the full version and enjoy this relaxing romance today!

exclusive review:

Full of hatred, jealousy and anger over his sudden change of fate, Blinky decides to look for help in its orientation, a Tarot. Your task is to help Blinky through multiple levels (260 and more ...) so that you can have a normal life once again. The game play is a bit like mahjong solitaire, only instead of matching tiles to clear the board, click on cards that have a higher or lower than the card draw. Upon execution of plays, deal another card. How mahjong solitaire, the challenge is to strategically eliminate the cards that have a lot of cards buried beneath them and use cards with nothing under them just to keep a streak going. Power-ups include wild cards, card holders and extra recoveries. Bonus points are awarded for clicking on a lot of cards quickly and to have the cards in the deck at the end of a level. Torsion of the game more interesting is that there are more branches to the story, culminating in four possible endings. To see everything the game has to offer you ll get to choose your way through a huge 260 + levels.

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