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God of War Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta

There is no need to be presented to God of War: Ghost of Sparta. The game is a third-person action, set in the universe mythology of ancient Greece. The protagonist is, by now, well recognized icon of the gaming world: the Spartan warrior Kratos.

In this new adventure on PSP will live the origins of the myth, playing the protagonist in the events that occur between the end of God of War and the second chapter of the series. Many questions apparently unresolved find an explanation, shedding light on the dark ghosts that haunt the soul of this violent hero, tied hand in glove with the Sony console.

Probably, with the much-rumored PSP 2 in the pipeline for some time, Ghost of Sparta God of War will be the last well see of spin PSP hardware (any revision, more or less recent, belongs). Not bad, considering that the development team Ready at Dawn has squeezed every last drop of small portable console.

Not only the technical component has been finished to the nth degree, but also the narrative can definitely be regarded as the best in the series. The secret is in the balance between action and unfolding of the story, a feature that had already made unique Chains of Olympus and, further refined, gives to God of War: Ghost of Sparta a narrative value that no previous chapter for console living room has never reached .

A Kratos just absorbed the role of the god of war finds himself haunted by what happened to his brother ... and the adventure begins.

As for the gameplay, God of War: Ghost of Sparta is perfectly adapted to the characteristics of the PSP, even of introducing new gameplay ranging between new fighting techniques and innovative skills of Kratos. The most immediate and visible is the ability to grab an enemy, spread and physically overpower him with melee attacks.

Recent additions to the arsenal of Kratos, very important as far as the combat system, they are also the Spear and Shield Spartans, allowing you to mix melee and long-range, while maintaining a defensive profile completely complementary to the offensive, guaranteed by Spade of Athena.

What more we want to emphasize is that all the new God of War: Ghost of Sparta integrate seamlessly with previous skills and weapons of Kratos, expanding the potential of course. Each addition is made available at the right time, without being useless or unbalanced. The result is that anyone who has played any God of War feels at ease, but without taking away the feeling of refreshing.

It is also true that the most demanding fans may feel a strong sense of d?j? vu, because the only lawful attempt to integrate stylistically Ghost of Sparta with what we saw in the first God of War. Significant in this regard the opening sequence of the game, which goes beyond mere homage to the first moments of the game God of War, repeating verbatim the same situation and pace of the game.

We would like to say that despite this potential danger, God of War: Ghost of Sparta is definitely its own identity and is distinguished from other chapters in its unique balance between story and action, focusing plus the solution of the riddles of a predominantly physical approach.

Artistically and technically, as already mentioned, God of War: Ghost of Sparta is close to perfection in relation to the potential of the machine running. If Chains of Olympus had surprised everyone, moreover, representing the first game to require that the chipset PSP was working at full power (333MHz), Ghost of Sparta is situated on the top step of the playful Olympus Sony handheld console.

The variety of environments is incredible, recalling the magnificent graphics of God of War III. The animation system has been improved and the definition of texture literally leaves you speechless. To tell the truth, sometimes you can feel a slight drop in frame-rate, accompanied by a tearing effect, but the screen is so small and the overall quality so high that the problem goes completely into the background.

The few intermission sequences pre-rendered blend perfectly with the visual rendering of Engine in real time, keeping an incredibly quality is very similar between the movies and the moments of the game itself.

The handling of the camera is completely automatic, but optimized so proud as not to feel the lack of an analog stick dedicated to the visual. The visual direction of God of War: Ghost of Sparta is superb, with a clever use of transitions from panoramic shots to close-ups (and vice versa), giving a dynamism and a sense of majesty unique.

The highest quality also the sound component, able to dynamically adapt to the intensity of the action on the screen, thus ensuring a perfect synergy audiovisual able to enhance anyone.

If you are concerned about the longevity of this masterpiece, know that the game experience came on realistically about ten hours of extension. Of course, the actual length will depend a lot on your fighting skills and level of difficulty selected, extending a few hours playing time expected.

To take into consideration the bonus challenges and levels of difficulty levels, unlockable upon completion of the game with additional content (new costumes for Kratos, for example). In short, God of War: Ghost of Sparta offers all the right solutions that make you want to revisit the exploits of our hero at least a couple of times, but the first is an obligation for every PSP owners!

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