Friday, April 5, 2013

Farm Mania

Farm Mania

Is city life wearing you? Join a young college student for a summer with her ​​grandparents on the farm family in this colorful time-management game. Harvest, tend to animals, keep an eye on the API and also bake delicious pies! Then, send your product to the market and use the profits to upgrade the farm and boost business! With two great game modes, loads of challenging levels, and vivid full-screen graphics, Farm Mania is an engaging escape to family fun.

Plant vegetables, raise animals, become a beekeeper...the possibilities are endless in Farm Mania! The more plants and animals you have, the more products youve got and the more money you can earn from selling them! There are many different bonuses and upgrades for all your activities such as energy drinks and shoes to move faster, more efficient equipment and much more! So, come spend some time in the country with Anna and her family in Farm Mania!

Farm Mania [Download Platform: Windows Vista / XP]

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