Monday, April 1, 2013

Fantastic Farm

Fantastic Farm
Game description:

Raised on a farm Maggie never deterred from his dream of becoming a wizard. Now that his training is complete, his new focus is to use these magical powers and take over the family business. But with an oil-greedy tycoon games threatening to take over his land and the head wizard unhappy with the direction being taken, he feels even more compelled to do a job well done. Help Maggie save the farm and try naysayers wrong by using his magical abilities. To grow the company into a company prospers and convince the mayor to keep the oil tycoon out. Casting spells, caring for animals, grow plants and make enchanted goods. Fill orders for ice cream, sweaters, strawberry pies and much more. With over 100 game levels, 16 trophies to collect and unlock additional modes, this fascinating adventure will cast a magical spell on you.
exclusive review:

Maggie is a girl who grew up on a farm, but that does not overcome his desire to become a wizard. Maggie must help to do a good job, using the magical powers of which he is not happy about the wizard head. In addition, an oil tycoon here plays the part of a villain that attempts to take over the earth. A strategic game, make sure that the farm grows well and is prosperous enough to keep the oil tycoon off the farm. Remember, if you have a good product, the mayor would tilt favoredelport intriguing evil tycoon. You could get to know themselves with farmland in this fun filled yet intelligent game. Caring for animals, grow plants, and other goods of fantasy going on in the game you get to reveal many more spells you can cast some surprising effects. As the game progresses you need to handle making ice cream cakes, strawberries and all this nick of time maintaining what is created is of high quality farm. There are a hundred levels, as many as 16 beautiful trophies to collect which are symbolic of the achievements of Maggie. Return to view these trophies and assess which areas need work on, and what are your strengths so that you can play accordingly. There are additional ways to unlock in the game to make it even more exciting. Unlock the mysteries and be enchanted.

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