Thursday, March 28, 2013

Twisted Lands Shadow Town Premium Edition

Twisted Lands - Shadow Town Premium Edition

Game description:

A treasure diver and his wife are out to sea gathering items when an artifact causes a boating accident. Awakening shipwrecked on a strange island, and with his wife now missing, the diver looking for a city miserable for signs of life, but he is not prepared for the horrors that wait. Can he find his wife and one way, before they succumb to the deadly secret that a mysterious fog envelopes? Take a terrifying journey through this hallucinatory world where shadows whisper and eyes deceive. Gather hidden items locations to help make sense of what happened in this island. Figure out a way to get off solving mysterious puzzles. With back-chilling discoveries, ominous challenges, and bloodcurdling visuals, this unhinging experience, with its shocking conclusion, will leave.


Horror movies are not what they used to be at times, as they all change as times change. Zombies, vampires, werewolves are almost a part of our lives, even if there are (at least we hope). Nowadays, the only thing that might scare for real there are worse things to fear from left and those are demons and all that surrounds them. Something very similar is happening on the island, as nothing seems to be right or wrong for that matter, its all bad ... The hero of our story is quite a hero to be called first. He and his wife are treasure hunters, and they were diving around the island in search of something precious that they could collect. They found something works as well as when they stumbled upon an artifact happened a sudden accident and after regaining consciousness he found himself on the island separated from his wife. Mark thought people in the vicinity of the city could give some clue or even perhaps found her, but when he got there, there was no one to address at all was missing. Angelo was now his priorities, finding her and obtain, as far as possible from this island retched. Thus begins the game and must look for hidden items that will help you in finding your wife, but will not be these elements which is also close to what you imagined in your search. Searches are something you have already met and there is nothing that will surprise you, but there are some elements and some challenges that require particular attention and that is where the practice of Official brand comes into play. Mark notes throughout the game all the things that are relevant and so it helps with these situations. Although the game has an accent to be a horror game, you will not find anything that could really scare intimidatorioche. There are some spooky scenes especially the scene with the statues, but for me it was more of a feeling mystical or ritual rather than horror. This all sounds pretty good, because the more you can expect from a game nowadays? Nice story, very pleasant environment and the premise is always there to hold your toes, but the mistake they made is one of the oldest tricks in the books to extend the gameplay. We will be collecting items from various locations throughout the city to solve a puzzle for example. Solve the puzzle means to advance in the game, of course, but the item that you need can not be found, or at least somewhere nearby where you found the last one is taken. Heres the good news, in these situations, just click the hint button and allow access to the place you need to go and search for the item without giving the exact location, which is usually a lump, but the bad news is which will probably run into the city on the opposite side of the map for a single item, and then go back, so you can continue your game. In addition to this is the fact that the game has two labyrinths that separate the two main parts of the maps, and is obtained a loss of time beautiful. But now everything is like this, this was the biggest flaw of the game. When you go through the game you will be informed a little current situations and go through a first-person narrative. This applies even if there is some important hidden objects in the game. You have the main interface where you can see your current environment, as well as any objects of interest (that shine if youre playing in shuffle mode). By clicking on these items will zoom in closer to interact with, or launch a scene object nascostoo puzzle. As for the graphics of the game is easy on the eyes, with crisp graphics and well defined and a good variety of scenes ranging from a cruise ship ran aground spooky mansion and a city mysteriously abandoned. As the game is the first of many likely, there will be a big question left unanswered even when the game ended, so that will leave enough space to still keep wondering what will happen in the next part of the game. It is a game that will leave you breathless, but you might just find some of the factors of the game worthy enough for you to become a fan of the series. Try the demo ...

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