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The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls 5 - Skyrim

Fifth member of the saga in which Bethesda Softworks has revolutionized the action-RPG core fantasy, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim arrives on store shelves with the absolute obligation to repeat the extraordinary success achieved by his predecessor Oblivion and satisfy, same time, the extremely high expectations about fed by fans of the franchise. To take a company to which many have attributed the extreme connotations, the developers note majors have worked hard for over five years, outlining the contours of a universe so prodigal of opportunity to provide approximately 350 hours of play, of which at least 30 reserved for the sole completion of the Main Quest.

The events underlying this new epic set in the continent of Tamriel take shape about 200 years apart from those related in Oblivion, and have as background the cold lands of Skyrim. Plagued by civil war succeeded the assassination of its king, the region is preparing to face an insurmountable threat: Alduin, the dragon god is indeed about to unleash on it all his anger and thus give off the destructive march for conquest of all the free land. While the people of pins all his hopes in an ancient prophecy that indicates the rise of a half-blood prince the only chance of salvation, a young drifter escapes from prison where he was locked up, putting their own fortunes and those of the world surrounding it in your hands. From here the beginning of a heroic epic of a thousand aspects, the development of which will depend on the decisions you make as they make the events run their course.

Before venturing along the lands of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, you will be called in any case from scratch to create your alter ego. Set out details such as race and aesthetic character of the same, you can enjoy the distribution of points reserved for the 18 available intellectual and physical parameters, which will be touched up on time every time you get a new experience level. So, will the turn of the characterization of the same biographical, which will not end the choice of specialization class. In the successful attempt to streamline the baggage statistics of the game, the authors have in fact opted for the elimination of this specification: once embarked on your journey, you can enjoy on so much by the sword of the enchantment, allowing the consolidation of your professional status occurs more in relation to the attitude shown playing, which according to earlier resolutions.

As a further consequence of this policy, user friendly, the cumbersome menu pages seen in Oblivion was replaced with a more intuitive interface in game, which will have the merit of the entire management process of the character immediately. Before the regolisti begin to turn up their nose, it must be stressed that none of the changes mentioned above reflect the will of impoverishing the massive structure ruolistica that were used. Although smoother, Skyrim will remain so as complete as Oblivion.

The consequences of this conceptual philosophy to go in case of interest to the gaming experience more real, making it less distracting than that addressed in the previous chapter in the saga. In this regard, we noted a tendency of the side quest to meet in the main story: Rather than appear as a case unrelated to the latter, they are more like branches of the same, which undoubtedly contributes to homogenize the continuity of the storyline. Fortunately, this solution is not hard to affect the freedom of action granted.

In addition to being masters of wandering at will along the 41 square kilometers of map available, and freely explore each of the 150 dungeons scattered on it, so you can independently evaluate your intervention strategies, as well as embrace the cause of the many factions involved in the conflict. Just know that an alliance with the noble Imperial Legion, rather than with the tenacious Rebels Skyrim or the ever-green Dark Brotherhood, matures its effects on the evolution of the campaign, most likely taking you to different endings.

If in conceptual terms The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has several new features, in terms of gameplay, are being proposed again many of the solutions explored in the past. After meticulous refinement, then return the famous sequences dialogali with the locals and their accompanying rhetorical exercises, which will add the ability to change weapons and artifacts at your disposal. There will, nevertheless, room for a robust section dedicated to the bargained, which will pave the way to be fruitful exchanges, acquisitions of properties and mounts. Just as they did in Oblivion, the latter will prove crucial to cover greater distances without incurring an excessive number of random encounters. At the same time, users can still jump over lazy sessions of travel, as long as you have discovered the destination fixed in a previous patrol.

Also in analogy with its most recent precursors, Skyrim also offers the opportunity to address the entire adventure benefiting from two different settings of perspective. Although the third-person view to ensure a more evocative spectacle, however, with the classic frame-person gameplay that best expresses its full potential. In addition to ensuring greater accuracy in the use of weapons or spells of execution, this solution also promotes a more strategic approach to the skirmish, allowing you to assess more accurately the intensity of the thrust and the distance with his adversaries.

Adopting this view, it also allows you to admire aspects of the landscape that are difficult to understand, first of all the amazing details of texture combined with its weapons, architectural and natural elements. The same attention to detail was of course also be given to the characterization of their enemies, be they humanoid or beast from the bizarre anatomy. From this point of view, no doubt stand up routines combined with animation to their models, benefiting from the quota intake of a physics engine with high performance, are consistent so as to provide a visual impact of proven efficiency.

The same NPC which need to converse during the adventure are now more alert and finally free from the typical stiff mannequin that in the past, had damaged its credibility. More generally, however, is the whole of Skyrim to beat its own life: wandering the frozen wastes surrounding human settlements and roads that characterize the latter, it is virtually impossible not to be impressed by the amount of events that occur in the background. Observe the wildlife that sweeps along the area undisturbed, the wayfarers climbing up steep mountain paths or even the outlines of massive dragons sail the skies, ensures the establishment of a deep emotional bond between player and environment, which results in a involvement that, recently, we experienced only in titles like Red Dead Redemption and Assassins Creed.

To further emphasize the excellence of the work done by the authors in order to create an atmosphere so intense, takes over at this point the strong variability of weather conditions, which echoes the alternation of day and night. Translated on screen very realistic particle effects, lighting as well as games of rare beauty, these items will end up with it regularly kidnap your imagination, often pushing yourself to large breaks from the action just for the pleasure of admiring the horizon.

It is also undeniable that without the support of a sound department of adequate caliber, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would have lost a significant portion of its charm. Also in this case, the work of Bethesda is revealed, however impeccable, mixing refined melodies ancestral to a dubbing Anglophone of absolute level. We Italians, we can also benefit from an ungrammatical translation on screen much less than that seen in Oblivion, which can only be pulling a big sigh of relief to all those who feared a new lexical debacle.

Clearly, the development of a game world as complex, will also cause a downside, which will consist of some smearing techniques. Although events such as bugs, tearing, occasional delays in loading of textures and any drop in framerate will not be long in coming, however, be emphasized that none of them will never have the power to affect the performance guaranteed by the engine of the game.

On balance, the only real regret that we can feed concerns about Skyrim perhaps the absence of any multiplayer mode only assume a network scenario, in which you can populate this universe of thousands of users divided into as many factions, would in fact easy to give the final round connotations. Evidently aware of the fact that implementing such an option would involve many years of development, in order to break in game mechanics, statistical equilibrium and stability of Engine, the guys at Bethesda have however decided to postpone the turning point to a possible sequel.

Even if limited to single player only, that promoted promoted from The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim stood in each case as a unique experience that not only represents a substantial step forward in the evolution of the franchise, no doubt encourage a further maturation of videogames.

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