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Penumbra Collection

Penumbra Collection
Game description:

Murder, a forgotten past and madness await. Navigate harrowing environments filled with challenging puzzles, realistic physics, and twisted enemies. Features Penumbra Overture After receiving a letter from her estranged father, a man he thought dead, Philip heads to Greenland to find out just who or what sent the letter. Penumbra Black Plague Caught deep within the Greenland underground complex known as The Shelter, Philip must continue his search for his father as he fights to keep his sanity. Requiem Mass Expansion Pack As Ph
ilip falls deeper into madness, he must keep his wits about him if he will ever be able to discover the origins behind his fathers letter.
Exclusive Review:

When stumbling upon other things your fathers which he filed before he had gone missing, sure some awakens feelings in you. But how would you feel if you discovered while digging through the archives that your father knew that he will return and go missing and who wrote in a letter to you, do not ever try it? Whatever the relationship was between you and your father who will never be satisfied until you discover the truth about her missing, and this is what happened to Philip as he set off to Greenland to find out the truth. How did you get all that snow and isolation was forced into an abandoned mine to find out that this is where his story and the search begins. The collection of the penumbra is a set of three games from Overture.

The game blends first-person perspective with the survival horror genre in a way that is dark, creepy and scary. What is most curious about this game is its physics system with which you control almost every action in the game only in real life. The majority of the game can be divided into two elements, for example, the ability to climb, drag, throw, push, etc. ... is the mechanical part. The game is also a puzzle-based sopravvivenza-horror/avventura, with the narrative unfolding through notes collected, unanswered emails and occasional radio broadcasts. With the mechanical part has its advantages and defects. The benefits are something that pretty rarely see in games, such as opening a door is not just a click.

The mouse pointer turns into a hand with which you must push the door open. Strong and pushes them to go back and slam shut again, and pushing them just barely open, but not enough. Because the games combat system is based on the same interface as the rest of the game mechanics, combat itself can sometimes be very difficult to perform, as the execution of strikes takes perfect timing. The solution to this problem is sneaking around. You better hide and sneak around and avoid any fighting as much as possible. This will slow your progress in the game, as it requires more time than the combat, but it gives the game extra edge of experience that offers a real horror game. The graphics of the game seems a bit old as the game is in total darkness, but the background sound for any shortcomings by the Supreme Compens graphics.

After Penumbra: Overture, the game picks up immediately with the Black Death. Fortunately, the friction seems to have learned from his mistakes as development progressed, and the black plague places from his enemies in a much more puzzle-based. The game moves at the end of Overture as a flashback where the player relives the horrors of the next series of Phillip. Strongest point of the Black Death, because it allows you to focus more on solving puzzles and navigating the eerie caves during the game. This means increased use of the physical system, and an overall improved experience for the player. But when it comes to a battle is to control the melee weapons like the rest of the mechanics of the games means faster swing and step moves. The last part of the collection has little to do with the story of the first two parts.

Penumbra: Requiem is an expansion pack for the black plague that moves away from history all together and focuses on the elements of the puzzle. As an expansion of the second part is missing a lot about the history and focuses more on the interaction system and physical environment. It is important to say that this game was developed by a team of young developers who came up with a brilliant idea for a story combined with seriously good sound quality through the entire collection, but in the absence of graphic design experience. If you are willing to lose a big game just because of the lack of corners do not render so well, youre on a great loss. A story like this is rare to meet and play hard too perfect not give a good pleasure of approximately 15 hours of game that surely will not let you down.

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