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Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom

Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is a production of Japanese developer Game Republic. Defined as belong to the fantasy genre action adventure, was presented from the stage of development as a title that redefine the co-operative gameplay assisted by artificial intelligence. Now that weve tried, we can express our opinion about it ...

Lets start with order and specify that Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is definitely a game to a younger market, where the characterization of the characters and locations has been designed to create a sense of fantasy and fairy-tale wonder. Also for this reason it is understandable the choice of the well-known voice actor, Peter Ubaldi, to characterize the gentle giant, Teotl (co-starring run AI companion of adventures Tepeu).

The story is introduced by laudable illustrated sequences and, for those who can grasp, it has similarities singular, artistic and narrative, with the unforgettable cinematic masterpiece of The Neverending Story. Darkness has, in fact, invaded the kingdom, causing death and destruction. One hundred years later, play the role of Tepeu (the only character that you control directly), a young thief graced with the gift of being able to communicate with animals.

The opening bars of Majin does not require the presence of the gentle giant, but soon you will be able to meet him and deliver him from his painful and confused state of captivity. At that precise moment Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom will begin to reveal its strengths ... and defects.

Teotl is at your command, always ready to go and fight for you. Issue orders is very simple and you can tell him to follow you, attack, eat to recover energy, crouch and wait for you to platform.

Not only! Traveling to the magical game environments, every encounter with the enemy will donate gems (Fragments of Life and Friendship) able to level up Tepeu, plus increasing the bond between the two and encouraging the implementation of spectacular and devastating combos . Once recovered some of the powers of Toetl, you can ask them to use against enemies or specific sections of the setting, getting access to other areas of the game.

Always remember to tackle any situation with a collaborative approach in mind, just so you get the best experience of the game, especially when you face the bosses far more demanding of common enemies and impossible to defeat with brute force. However, if it is true that you have to understand how sbaragliarli, the effort required is not very high, making a few fights with these General Dark far less intriguing than they should be.

What, then, characterizes Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom is working closely with a sophisticated AI Despite all the good propostiti developers, however, Teotl by obedient "dog" becomes, sometimes, in insolent brawler, completely ignoring your orders, to devote himself to fight the enemies for his business! This autonomy, however commendable, has generated a moment of frustration.

The aid Teotl, in fact, it is always important given the limited skills of fighter Tepeu, all too often short of vital energy (at least during the first few hours of play). The only one who can heal the protagonist is the gentle giant, literally sucking the dark matter that covers the hero, but will not always be willing to support you promptly.

Fortunately, the fighting may also be addressed in a strategic way, because of the ease with which you are able to spot enemies. Sometimes even be able to avoid them, others can take them by surprise, but a stealth approach, however, is not always a solution adoptable.

The combat system, however, is fused with elements of puzzle very interesting and well balanced, which add further variety to the action. Even in this case, the help of Teotl will be of primary importance, because the only able to interact with the surrounding environment thanks to its powers and its strength. Collecting enthusiasts will find very useful indication of the hidden objects have not yet been collected in a given area.

The level design is essential and is based on a system of corridors leading to different gaming environments crucial. The major limitation of this approach is to oblige the player to visit the same places, going back to where they started. Aside from the fact that this solution communicates the impression of a device to lengthen the duration of the experience, you feel almost immediately the lack of a method to quickly move between the different areas of interest (only later in the game, you will find a room from which teleport directly. Perhaps too late ...).

Technically, we are faced with a title that honest, without amaze you with advanced graphics solutions, garners attention with a graphic style and characterization truly unique.

Even musically, do not touch the top of absolute excellence, but the accompanying sound is always evocative and atmospheric. Overall, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom proves to be a original game and has great potential, although not able to soar high above the average.

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