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Jodie Drake and the World in Peril

Jodie Drake and the World in Peril
Game description:

Assigning more recent photograph of Jodie has got a lot of attention from publications around the world. The images of ancient ruins are peaking interest around the world, including that of a mysterious figure. Because of his skills and an adventurous spirit, she was hired to take a new photo set of the world, but soon discovers that theres more to this than meets the eye position. Travel the world with Jodie and uncover ancient treasures hidden in forgotten ruin. Explore six continents, visiting Egypt, India, Greece and more like the plot of an evil madman unfolds before your eyes. Take pictures of valuable items, solve puzzles and play exciting mini-stunning games. Jodie explore the implications of his strange travels before it is too late?

Exclusive Review:

Archaeology has always been a passion of many people around the world. Most of them studied archeology and who want to discover the wonders of the world in a way that no one has seen before as there is always some little mystery about what happened at a time when it was built the great pyramid of Giza or some of the most mysterious and religious throughout Asia, mostly China and India. But every country has something to hide, and that something must be hidden as history has decided that long ago. Jodie Drake has some very noble reasons for what he is doing. It is not an archaeologist or treasure hunter (Tomb Raider).

His passion is to discover the lost places throughout the world and taking their pictures, but what is usually an impossible task for a normal human being she does this with ease. She is a well-known version of Angel of the Tomb Raider, Lara Croft. Its mission is to discover the miracles of the lost civilization and put some light on the dark past that, although we think we know, we probably do not know everything that really happened in some parts of the story. She does everything through his camera, as all it does is take pictures of these ancient objects and places, and she became famous for his work.

Because she is now a famous photograph and known for its extra-ordinary adventure, a travel magazine has become very famous here to travel to different locations around the world in search of some amazing historic places that are forgotten even by the most ancient myths and stories. This is not to big of a challenge for Jodie as she went through a lot of these situations, and there is nothing that can surprise you here. But as she is starting to travel around these strange places Doveil just appointed its head that sent her everything begins to take a strange turn as though thousands of miles away from each other, these places are beginning to have mutual designs that begin to connect . The game consists of six different chapters, and each chapter is a game in a different location in the world.

When starting with the first chapter will proceed to the next (of course), but the game does not dictate which section will be that chosen by the remaining five after the first one ended. The choice is yours to make. The game takes place through various difficulties and obstacles that must be overcome so we can proceed further. These obstacles are usually set in a form of hidden objects that are given to you in a list that helps you get through them. Now when you get to the part of the puzzle, there is nothing surprising about it, as most are all very familiar with every fan of hidden objects. The thing that will get you going for this game is what has surprised me many other reviewers, and this is the scenario has changed almost completely, as this type of issue has rarely been used in HOG.

For the most part is some lonely and obscure places that are so ghostly and deserted you start to like them, because of the many times youve seen them. However, the mini-games (puzzle that is) as I said are mostly familiar with the games youve played before, but there is one or two games that will give a new breath of life as they are different from regular games usually put to break the flow of the game. The hidden object is not done in a way for you to wonder of the world personally so you might recognize some of the items, or has produced subtle tricks like changing shades of color, etc. ... So there will be some grueling research, but in case if you need help there is the hint button to help throughout the game, especially in mini-games like Labyrinth.

This is probably the game where we would strive to use the hint system more, but as in any game does not recommend using it because of the score. The suggestion itself is recharged about every half minute or so. The game graphics represents a standard of his age, nothing too fancy, but standard. There will be some scenes out of focus, where you will probably have to strain your eyes to understand completely, but they are very rare throughout the game. The sound of the game is done with the characters in both ways, when they speak with and through dialogues subbed. The music that is used for the background is appropriate for this type of game and the discovery of the treasure, but spookiness is not always the best solution so you turn up and down depending on your mood and atmosphere in which you want to play .

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