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Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2

Dead Space 2, the sequel to the sci-fi survival horror game from Visceral Games, bursts on the screen with all the force of a splatter movie, capable of leaving shocked even the most experienced players with images and extreme situations, the limit of legitimate.

If the goal was to generate moments of shock and adrenaline voltage, for sure it was centered. But not always, in our opinion, any means is lawful to induce a bit of "healthy" tachycardia fright. Thats why we ended up in some situations really judge too much too explicit, especially for a game graphic realistic impact as Dead Space 2.

This is to warn those who do not like to see extracts eyes from their sockets and perforated with a needle, or long and sharp spears space embedded in the skull of the protagonist. Dead Space 2 is an extremely violent and not suitable for anyone. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

If the new adventure of Isaac Clarke was just a bunch of splatter scenes, there is much more to say about it. Fortunately Dead Space 2 also has an engaging storyline, which attempts to deepen the psychological distress of the protagonist, called once again to wear his suit technical and most unlikely to take up arms for cutting cleanly through the limbs of those piles of dead meat known as Necromorphs.

Isaac features a credible: it is a vulnerable man, still plagued by guilt, and tormented by the events of the first Dead Space. The Phantom of the spaceship USG Ishimura and his girlfriend, who died on the Planet Cracker-class vessel, haunt him for the duration of the game, creating the conditions for identification even more pronounced in those who have already played Dead Space.

By the way, those who have lost the powerful opening chapter can decide whether to retrieve it and bring it to fruition, or rely on a video that summarizes the highlights (entitled "Background events of Dead Space").

The combat system has been refined and Isaac is much more lethal and less self-conscious than its previous appearance. On the one hand it is justified by the experience on the Ishimura, on the other hand, we realize, however, that now it is more of a well-trained soldier than a helpless engineer forced to defend himself awkwardly. For the purposes of the dynamics of self-identification, aimed at generating power, this choice tends to feel slightly less insecure and exposed to the player. This does not mean that the voltage is always through the roof, leaving you jump into the darkness of your room when a particularly affectionate Necromorfo runs up to hug you.

The balance of difficulty is definitely adjusted upwards, so that we found ourselves forced to their final battle and after more than ten hours of play, to lower the level just to see the credits. Probably it was also caused by our inefficient choices in upgrading suit and weapons, but we are convinced that if a title can reach the final nail then at that point the player ... well, or has been tested absently, or balanced with a certain malice.

The humiliation of having to lower the difficulty level, however, there has removed the desire to start a second session of play, in which we have benefited hugely from all the power weapons before, and the new combat suits just unlocked! After all, there is no doubt the taste of the use of a Stasi "alien" and dismember systematically with the Lama, Plasma maximized with effect arsonist, and then used his own broken limbs impalarne to another on a wall. Intriguing, then, the sections in zero gravity, during which Isaac moves in flight, by exploiting the micro thrusters integrated in the clothing.

Once you have drawn the most enjoyment from the experience of single player (pivot bearing of Dead Space 2) you can always contact the multiplayer, but without getting the same chills of excitement. The real alternative game, able to further expand the experience horrorifica Electronic Arts license plate, you will find exclusively in the PlayStation 3 version of Dead Space 2 for the flagship Sony has, in fact, the remastered version in HD Dead Space Extraction, wonderful person shooter on rails already out for Wii. The reissue is topped with support for PlayStation Move and controller traditional and enriched by the introduction of trophies. A truly enviable additional content!

As far as the technical side, Dead Space 2 is absolutely at the top, on both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, proving once again that a program can even noticed the visual rendering of the two platforms. The lighting system generates suggestive settings, the positional sound is rich and atmospheric physics and applied to objects and bodies (intact or dismembered) does his duty more than fine. Everything runs stable at 30 fps, topped by the always welcome v-sync enabled on both consoles.

The only negative aesthetic Dead Space 2 is in some textures do not always rise to the occasion and the evident lack of anti-aliasing, but the richness of the setting is so high as to make these shortcomings absolutely marginal.

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