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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Call of Duty - Modern Warfare 3
The most important merit of the Call of Duty franchise, born in 2003, was to evolve the concept introduced by the first Medal of Honor and at the same time spreading a new kind of shooter level design for the military, especially based on the massive use of elements pre-scripted gaming experience aimed at making the next blockbuster film to a very spectacular. The same Activision has admitted that playing Call of Duty is like being part of a film by Michael Bay.

Modern Warfare, to all intents and purposes the main fourth episode of the series made by Infinity Ward, creator of the franchise the study, sdoganò definitely the success of Call of Duty, which is an inevitable sequel followed two years later, then this threequel, which is in fact to close the trilogy inside the saga, which has since given birth to two episodes of thick as World at War and Black Ops, entrusted instead to Treyarch.

It seems unnecessary to say so like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 does not go to betray their origins, showing how good the saga has offered so far. With a plot that puts the player at the center of a sort of Third World War, taking part in the events concluded with Modern Warfare 2, the game is a strong concentration of entertainment and artistic director of a well defined, that is to never leave canons typical of the series, representing the classic "more of the same" that fans will appreciate, however, a lot.

The campaign, lasting about 6-8 hours depending on the skill of the player, so it runs in environments where the first ingredient should be spectacular. The second variety of settings and game situations. Thanks allincipit provided by the plot, the user is transported from the island of Manhattan to the tunnels of the London Underground, to fight the shadow of the Eiffel Tower and between the modern streets of Berlin. The subset is then formed by the different situations in which we will fight, allowing the player to not get bored and hardly ever repeating the same things in different hours of play.

Although various elements of the development team have left the group, beginning from the founders, who remained in Infinity Ward has thus been shown not to have lost the enamel and the ability to build a level of quality design, that all points on the distinctive Call of Duty saga, without renouncing the particularly crude, which can be selectively censored by the player. Problems arise for those looking for something new because, needless to deceive, Modern Warfare and Call of Duty 3. With all the pros and cons of the case.

If the hours necessary to bring the end of the adventure are certainly spectacular and well coated, and the campaign, however, show a coherence and a charisma greater than that offered by Battlefield 3, it is impossible not to turn up their noses to the fact that everything has been virtually unchanged from its predecessors. The gameplay has not seen the particular innovations, even microscopic (defects seen in the past, starting with the strong linearity, it is therefore still present), indicating that in the future, starting from the next episode, you need to change something or risk being stuck in a dead-end quality.

The multiplayer is the same, but differently. It may seem counterintuitive, but it is not. Developers do not have that much in fact distorted the structure of the online game. However, these have been targeted so as to allow new ones to create a package of various play modes, rich and able to keep glued to the screen probably for weeks and months, correcting many of the pitfalls that have plagued its predecessors.

What has impressed most during the test is the Spec-Ops, a co-op mode through which you can relive some of the main campaign missions from a new perspective in the company of another player, both locally and online. It is almost a game within a game, because on this occasion the level design is well designed to give life to be addressed in two stages playful people. Each player is assigned a specific task in the evolution of the mission, thus making cooperation essential for the completion of the same and not just a useless tinsel. Overall, the Spec-Ops is able to add up to four hours of extra gameplay.

The package also extends cooperatively with the Survival mode, much like Horde in Gears of War or the present Zombie in Black Ops, during which the task is to resist the enemy waves in the company. Funny, but not curiously stimulating and challenging as the Spec-Ops.

The formula of the competitive multiplayer that does not change, but is able to represent, as expected, the flagship production. Keeping classic (Series) certain settings, such as the degree of progression for the player, the most important changes concern the killstreak no doubt, extended to those found in previous chapters. Besides the possibility of requiring massive offensive actions, such as air strikes, after a long series of killings, the player can now choose not to reset the same killstreak once killed (but worth the inability to request air support) or release a new perk. The latter were also better balanced than before, without favoring a particular group of players too.

This, combined with sixteen maps in total from each well thought out design and a quantity (and quality) of game modes enviable Modern Warfare 3 gives the palm of one of the most entertaining and deepest online shooters out there. Not surprisingly, the rest of the online component of Call of Duty 4 (aka Modern Warfare) has made history with representatives of industry as the Halo series (limiting certain discourses to view the console), but it is a pleasure to note that while one hand, one dedicated to a single, static in terms of the play structure begins to become the weak point of production, there are other important confirmations regarding the multiplayer, ready to be populated by millions of fans of Call of Duty in throughout the world.

On the other hand, it is literally to save the online Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 from what would have been a resounding rejection. Please note, as mentioned, the single player campaign is very engaging and well-orchestrated, but sometimes appears as a major expansion of the previous chapters that a new episode itself, without ever impress in terms of innovations, even minimal. In addition there is a technical sector that has made history in a negative way.

The comparison with the competition is almost embarrassing, even if Infinity Ward can be saved for a corner with his exemplary artistic direction and a direction almost enviable. But it is clear that the old engine of years represents a major Achilles heel, especially for those seeking the ultimate in this regard. The lighting and the amount polygonal overall are average, and indeed in the first case you can also safely use the term obsolete. The applied physics scenarios is nothing, even (especially) online, and elements such as shadows and textures never reach excellence, touching in some cases even failure.

The visual impact nevertheless remains positive, even on an optimization of copyright that allows you to enjoy the game on any platform, at a fixed framerate of 60 frames per second. Needless to say however that even here, as for the single player campaign, revolutions can be expected as early as the next episode.

To close, the judgment of a good sound department, which includes an excellent dubbing in Italian and a sampling of the various effects well done. The soundtrack is convincing, but simply do the homework accurately without excelling, being only appropriate aligned to the various game situations in which it is presented.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 does not disappoint then no expectations, even negative ones. The final chapter of the trilogy series does not give the inner barrels or sensational surprises, recycling the good done in the past, especially as regards visual technology and single player campaign, so as to propose it to the nth degree in 2011. The multiplayer is the best on the market, but who is looking for a good solitary experience might turn up their noses that is, for better or for worse, the usual Call of Duty.

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