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Ballville The Beginning

Ballville - The Beginning
Game description:

A spaceship full of traveling Orb falls down on a planet unknown and unexplored. With good fortune, however, the crew offers a picturesque world filled with lush jungles, clear streams, snow-capped mountains and mysterious ancient deserts. This wonderful place will become their new home, but hard work is ahead because the entire crew was scattered around the planet, and the first order of business is to find them. Join Captain Orb on a search of his comrades and bring them together to build their new planet. Play over 100 exciting levels to earn money, build buildings and to identify other orbs with special powers. When you have found you can use their unique abilities to melt the ice, clear tough obstacles and much more. With more ways to clear the tables, additional levels of hidden objects and a detailed interactive Orbopedia, this daring voyage of discovery of a spectacular world will thrill you with surprises!
Exclusive Review:

Match 3 games are still there and quite frankly we are everywhere in all shapes and types, and ultimately hard to find some games of this genre that can surpass its predecessors, thanks to its complicated structure of the nucleus which is immutable, but only configurable with extras and accessories throughout the game. This has made a lot of match 3 games playable at their very beginnings primarily as developers began involving some special features in combination with different themes and stories to keep those games as a unique or special, as can be. Unfortunately we can already see a lot of repeat play 3 matches through other match 3 game is a complete duplicate, with some minor changes or a single idea but lack in implementation. Because of these shows hurt or semi-good many casual games players are returning to old classics and of course those who were among the first in their time, hoping that a new game matching the top 3 will appear and offer something new and different from other. Ballville - the beginning is entered that category for sure because of his rather unique approach to the match 3 gameplay.

Its nothing new when you think globally, but it has not seen something like this, but we will definitely see more from now onwards. The game begins with a story (and can not start any differently, except that it did not have one) that follows a ball, or orb, which simply goes by the name of "Captain" and this captain was sent in space on a mission, but everything went to hell, as the ship enters a field of Meteora which causes damage to the ship captain on the ground and makes the closest planet to make repairs. However, the landing did not go to the captain has taught sarebbecausando problems from the start, making it to adapt to the situation, like the passengers who came with him are missing somewhere on the planet and repair is not possible. So the game starts over and locate your friends have to make sure you and your friends and survive Therefor build their city on this planet apparently deserted. Gameplay is based on the level, with each layer containing an edge of puzzle shaped new or at least different from the level of before.

The core gameplay is as previously said very clearly known and unchangeable because this is the essence of match 3 games. It is necessary to match 3 in order to delete two different obstacles that appear in several different grids and those derived in a form of grids that can be erased with orange match 3 above them the crates which can be erased with correspond to three from any side. There will be two different factors that affect the duration of the levels that take place in the match 3 and those are perceptions (the perception you as an individual) and knowledge (the same applies here). The power of perception is by identifying and using the best combination of match 3 that may be more useful for you it is logical that when it comes to match 3 games, but knowledge is the second part of the game and what makes the game so different from others. The things Im talking about are the different spheres meet and unlock during the game.

The balls are the thing that made this game and their diversity and accessory is very interesting. All spheres have their strengths and their weaknesses and what they represent, it is good to find out how you use them to your advantage. Here are just some of the spheres: Tip orbs show another match liq screen; DJ orbs sing and break blocks on the grid, wooden beads that can clear any block on the screen; Orbs can power certain electrical devices; Engineer orbs will dig their way at the bottom of the playing field, taking all the pieces of orange or cash with them, and so forth ... There are over twenty different orbs to find and unlock through the game is a catch ... In the beginner levels that the spheres are limited as there are many of them unlocked, but later on when you unlock them if you use the same orbs over and over again in a couple of levels will drain you empty and will be forced to use other spheres.

This gave the game will use a comprehensive strategic angle to let you adapt to the game and think in advance what orbs are and who will leave to recharge as although most of them will help some of you can make gameplay a living hell if you do not look at what re doing. This all starts happening when you have more than five different spheres and then start using them by choice but to release these orbs you need to build and develop your city, as with any new structure unlock unlocked so a new orb. Depending on what you expect from this game you have to choose between timed and relaxed mode. The difference is (over time) in programmed mode that earns you cash back and this can substantially help as you need money to release those funds between levels. The feature of the game are not difficult but more on a strategic game is obvious, as if you can burn the strategy of using these orbs, then you will not have any problems getting the game but in a Yippy. The game is good and demos for all those who do not believe, but can not taste tuttolĂ  ...

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