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Avenue Flo TM Special Delivery

Avenue Flo(TM) - Special Delivery
Game description:

The family is growing DinerTown as Tony and Vicky are expecting. To celebrate this joyous occasion, Mr. Big has commissioned Quinn to throw the biggest bash ever baby. Luckily however, disaster strikes when puppies attack the position of the shower and Vicky goes missing. Now, Flo is turned off once again to save the day. Help Flo and run throughout the city, collecting all the necessary elements to make the baby shower extravaganza go off without a hitch in this fun-loving adventure. DinerTown enlist the help of citizens to locate the missing items, solve puzzles and complete fun activities. With two game modes, beautiful trophies and lots of laughs, this bizarre adventure is really special.

Exclusive Review:

Every fan of the Diner Dash series and other similar games, in which Flo and Quinn are the lead characters have shown that these games mean a lot of problems, especially for players who are going to play, as you can never predict what the the next menu for you to chew through. Flo is prepared for almost any type of emergency, but this is something that she can manage alone, he needs your help desperately ... He is planning a great baby shower, and by some coincidence "crazy" everyone in town I came to the party. However, not so far from where the party was organized on the spot, another party was taking place and this had a little more smelling things involved. A huge part dog has a little out of control, releasing an escape for the decorations and already set up perfectly preset schedule. Quinn was responsible for everything and anything that goes wrong will damage his reputation, and we can not let that happen. So take the matter into their own hands Flo, as always with the highest level of experience and begins the seemingly impossible and that is re-organizing the baby shower again.

However, like many of you know that above all we are accustomed to seeing them in action in time-management games, but here the circumstances are totally different as we are dealing with the combination of HOG and adventure game point & click. This mix has been fairly popular and has shown some very good results as a combination. As she starts cleaning up the mess, a small problem has appeared throughout the early planning Flo begins to Improvise ... The woman, for which means the baby shower is missing and Vicky (her mother is missing) has absolutely nothing to find. Flo is now an option, if you want to get this baby shower going you will need help from everyone, dala city, but first they will need to do something to Flo. The schedule is tight, however, but with no option left she starts finding items, solving puzzles, talking to different characters and that is making the most of these things with the mouse, clicking and directing her where she must go.

Youll be even play some mini games where you can order books, arrange the pies and digging through the bag messy, messy, not to mention word games, games, memory games and more correspondence. The way that the mini games are implemented in the game, was so ably taught by the developers constantly mixing their planning always leaving fingers to keep you wondering what comes next. But not every mini-game is perfect and even a huge percentage of mini-games goes into good ones, a small one will probably frustrate players as everyone has their own taste. Wait for a small time period, click the skip button and the problem is resolved, or if you are lucky a suggestion may be available for use and solve the game without skipping.

The game was adapted for the most players on the market with its two game modes with those who want to be challenged and those who want to relax a bit during playback. When it comes to looking for hidden items in the game, if youre worried about not a big fan of the genre, the complexity of the search items has been put to a minimum. The real challenge is in the point-and-click adventures and the many puzzles that appear through the game. There will be combinations of different elements to fulfill the tasks to other people or for you and your personal goals. A lot of players who have come back to the game does not recognize the characters in the game, but those of the past hannogoduto series of Dinner Dash surely recognize at least some of the characters in the game. The graphics are something that I personally loved it. The background of the game is based on the cartoon style of comics with a few details, but all done on a very high level of detail. The sound is nothing less than good, then the art as the voice acting is still the same (have not changed the main characters) and as for the background music though very familiar, is not the same as giving some seriously Remix are implemented play some sound really good. All in all a game worthy of attention, not only because of such change, but the change of rhythm games giving a new level of depth. Enjoy ...

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