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Ace Combat Assault Legacy 3DS

Ace Combat Assault Legacy - 3DS
After fighting over the skies of Sony and those of Microsoft, the famous series of dogfights Ace Combat is going to fly over even the uncharted territories of Nintendo and its 3DS. The result is called Assault Horizon Legacy, the new game from Namco Bandai, created with the specific intent to emphasize the leadership of the glorious ONLY FOR A SPECIAL house in the genre of flight simulators.

Before going into the explanation of how the game seems right from what is basically the most interesting piece of the entire supply of the game: the gameplay. Compared to the version for home consoles the gameplay is, in fact, closer to the old Ace Combat than the current one, a fact dictated mostly by the lack of a second analog and the consequent restriction in terms of maneuverability. The only new feature included in this port therefore remains the possibility of lockare enemies, very useful to engage wild aerial dogfight with a decidedly television.

News, however, that if on one side can spettacolizzare the engagement, on the other it seemed too lenient facilitating battle enemies leaving the street that charm engagement "free" that has always characterized the series. We are faced then to Ace Combat that with the usual skill is able to skillfully mix arcade and simulation with aerial maneuvers likely the real ones, but leave a space and error handling large enough, satisfying the palates of all types of players: from the most demanding to those who love the immediacy of the game. In addition, the mapping command sullhandheld Nintendo is very comfortable and well positioned, giving the title a further incentive to be played.

Compared to the changes introduced on Xbox and Playstation, the main mode, that campaign is linked more to the conception of some Ace Combat ago with imaginary characters and backgrounds and a history that knows much more than an excuse than a real element of of importance in the clashes.
On this occasion you will have the opportunity to play as Phoenix, a skilled pilot who, together with his companions will have to try to quell a dangerous mutiny. The story will be developed through the dialogue-written-between our pilot and the other main character before and after the mission, dialogues that given the almost total absence of the stain still will not hesitate to jump in the short space of a few minutes to go directly to the mission real.
In this regard, the developers have added to the usual diversification with quite a variety of tasks ranging from classic clashes with other air-to-air fighter, a real battles on the edge of the atmosphere, without forgetting the classic battles in which you will be asked to bomb the sensitive elements as bases or supply centers. Although in hindsight there is no real news in terms of originality, the excellent construction of the latter lets you play with great pleasure.

Even numbers are on the side of the title developed by Japanese software house thanks to a great amount of air weapons and various collectible items that can unlock reaching several primary and secondary objectives and that will put the player most meticulous and collector in the position of having to take hand in later missions already played, extending the longevity of the title.

In addition to the story there is an additional game mode called challenge that offers the player missions that reflect the concept that already played in the campaign, but change the objectives of the game and in many cases making the challenge more difficult and challenging than in the case of give performance aircraft and other types of awards.
Unfortunately lacks any multiplayer game mode and off-line and online, a choice which leaves a bit of disappointment on both our faces, we imagine, as those of the fans of the series already pregustavano involving battles between human pilots around the world. A real shame.

So we come to talk about the technical, which no doubt is the least successful of the entire bid proposal. From a graphical point of view we have to record one embodiment of the terrain and dellambiento really below the average, with textures washed out and very little defined. The contrast with the planes, well made and unique element of the graphics really successful, is so clear that you will hardly notice it right from the start of the game. In addition, during our test we noticed occasional frame rate drops in the most hectic situation, something that does not help to improve some of the judgment on the graphics. Finally, we must stress that the stereoscopic effect offered by the portable Nintendo strikes at first glance, but the distance turns out to be sometimes too invasive taking after a session long enough to be turned off.

Most comforting news coming from the sound of the game. The music selected are very apt and engaging, managing to emphasize the gameplay and clashes in place more than once. The same location is very successful despite the lack of influence that the plot manages to get into the player.
Ultimately then we can say that the passage of the series on 3DS can said to be complete and well done. A minimum of forethought in most, largely from the technical point of view and the plot, would elevate the title to real masterpiece. That said, if you are a fan of the series or in general love the air raids, this is definitely the way that is right for you.

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